Links van 2 maart 2016 tot 8 maart 2016

3,900 Pages of Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks Are Now Online, Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931) | Open Culture
the Zentrum Paul Klee made available online almost all 3,900 pages of Klee’s personal notebooks, which he used as the source for his Bauhaus teaching between 1921 and 1931

Mystery in Miniature by Christopher Benfey | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
Perhaps one must be a “clairvoyant of the small” (to borrow a phrase from Robert Walser, the Swiss writer who spent his final years obsessively filling scraps of paper with microscopic writing) fully to appreciate the remarkable life and astonishing graphic creations of Matthias Buchinger, who was born without hands or feet in Nuremberg in 1674 and never grew beyond the height of twenty-nine inches. An itinerant magician, musician, writing master, and artist active in Britain and the Continent, Buchinger combined a Grub Street readiness to produce fancy illustrated documents on demand (family trees, coats of arms, wedding announcements, and the like) with a Germanic piety so that, by some wizardry, curls of hair turn into threads of minuscule sentences from the Bible, and sturdy capital letters sprout leaves and tendrils.

Ugly Female Bat-Disgrace of Worst Traitor
Koreans satirize Park Geun Hye as a tailless bitch of Chongwadae but the DPRK zoologists say that she has the similar mode of existence to a bat, when viewed in the light of her acts of treachery. She might have the same surname and the same family origin as the bat in every aspect and her appearance resembles the ugly look of the bat. The thrice-cursed acts she has done so far were prompted by her same deformed mode of existence as that of the bat. She behaved like a bat which lives in such dingy place as cave. Upon hearing the news of the DPRK's successful first H-bomb test, she hastily ran down to the bunker of Chongwadae, unaware that the waistband of her skirt slipped down and her shoes came off, stunning even her confidants.

What to expect as a new CEO — Medium
These are tips I’ve learned after years of hard work. I haven’t built a “big company” and I’ve made plenty of mistakes of my own along the way. Take them as you will. That said, I would loved to have had this advice when I got started.

Earlier mixture from modern humans into Neandertal populations · john hawks weblog
The Neandertal storyline for the period from 70,000 to 40,000 years ago is increasingly a story of unremitting introgression from Neandertals into other populations wherever they met. Partial ancient genomes from Oase and ‘Ust Ishim show evidence for Neandertal introgression between 60,000 and 45,000 years ago in multiple events; the Denisova genome shows evidence for Neandertal introgression, and of course different legacies of ancient introgression from Neandertals can be found in western and eastern Eurasian populations today.