Links van 2 mei 2017 tot 4 mei 2017

Adverteren op sites voor ‘virtuele verkrachting’ – NRC
Bedrijven weten vaak niet waar hun advertenties terechtkomen. De grotendeels geautomatiseerde online advertentiemarkt werkt met flitsveilingen die in minder dan een seconde bepalen welke advertentie aan welke bezoeker wordt getoond. Tekenend is de reactie van een woordvoerder van Stichting Vluchteling: „Wij zouden nooit bewust een advertentie plaatsen op zulke sites. We gaan kijken hoe we dit in de toekomst kunnen voorkomen.”

How Trump Could Get Fired – The New Yorker
“God knows Presidents don’t need to know the details of health-care bills and tax bills, and I certainly don’t, either—that’s what you have aides for. But not even having a basic level of understanding? I think that has rattled people a little bit.” He added, “Reagan may not have had a subtle grasp of everything, but he read the briefing books and he knew the arguments, basically. And Trump is not even at that level.”

I Am a Tinder Guy Holding a Fish and I Will Provide for You – The New Yorker
As you may have suspected, my talents do not end at fishing. I excel in many areas. Working out, for instance. In this picture I display for you my abdomen. Abdomens are important for fishing excursions and mirror selfies, such as this one. I flex for you. What do you think? I will provide you with many orgasms and sea bass.

Adults in the Room by Yanis Varoufakis review – one of the greatest political memoirs ever? | Books | The Guardian
Elected politicians have little power; Wall Street and a network of hedge funds, billionaires and media owners have the real power, and the art of being in politics is to recognise this as a fact of life and achieve what you can without disrupting the system. That was the offer. Varoufakis not only rejected it – by describing it in frank detail now, he is arming us against the stupidity of the left’s occasional fantasies that the system built by neoliberalism can somehow bend or compromise to our desire for social justice.

Google and Amazon killed their Apple Watch apps and it went unnoticed for weeks – The Verge
A handful of apps are no longer supported on the Apple Watch, according to a report by Apple Insider. Major apps like Google Maps, Amazon, and eBay appear to have quietly abandoned the Apple Watch App Store, without giving a heads up or providing any explanation to users.

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