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John McCain’s Final Act Is War Against Trump
When he thumbs-downed the Republican health-care plan three months ago, McCain shocked the news media and members of both parties. He had previously displayed barely any interest in the issue at hand, and for more than a decade served as a largely reliable partisan vote that belied his reputation as a “maverick.” Indeed, the maverick legend had grown so stale that many people, especially liberals, dismissed it as nothing but a legend. But McCain is making it perfectly clear that, in the final chapter of his political career, he has gone into opposition again.

Wijkbewoners meten zelf hoe snel auto’s rijden: het resultaa… (Gent) – Het Nieuwsblad
“De resultaten zijn onthutsend”, zegt buurtbewoner Jan Moesen. “Van de 1.506 voertuigen die we controleerden, reden er 1.204 te snel. Dat is net geen tachtig procent.” De bewoners waren vijf dagen in actie en controleerden negen uur lang tijdens de spitsuren, onder andere op de Meulesteedsesteenweg en in de Voorhavenlaan, de Londenstraat en de Voormuide.

Working at Google seemed like a dream job. The reality has been a tedious, pointless nightmare. – The Washington Post
My resume will have that holy header, Google, above a few bullets — though after this essay I can probably forget about references — but what words will follow the bullets? Evangelized? Shaped the world? Facilitated cross-functional optimizations? How will I answer some future interviewer who inquires: What did you do as a talent channels specialist?

I Watched 15 Hours of ‘Fox & Friends’ and I Want to Die – VICE
Watching the show is like dropping down a bottomless pit. Eventually, you no longer feel like you're falling—the constant whoosh of half-truths and gleefully delivered apocalyptic provocations becomes your new equilibrium. It no longer matters what the story is or where it comes from—above you or below you, left or right—it feels like it is coming for you. It's news as a planet-covering hurricane of hatred and misfortune heading right toward your family, with outrage as the only available defense.

The Tall Stovepipe-Style Hat: An Indispensable Part of Welsh Women in National Costume From the 19th Century ~ vintage everyday
First appeared during the 1830s, the Welsh hat worn by women as part of Welsh national costume is a tall stovepipe-style hat, similar to a top hat, or the capotain. It is still worn by women, and particularly schoolgirls, in Wales on St David's Day, but rarely on other occasions.

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