Een moeilijke quiz

Ahem ja. The King William’s College quiz 2017.

1 During 1917:

  1. who provided details of life at Sherborne?
    Ik vermoed Alec Waugh.
  2. how was the legacy of Frederick Augustus discarded?
    Door de oprichting van het Koninkrijk Polen (1917-1918). Frederik August I van Saksen wou een onafhankelijk Polen oprichten.
  3. where did the British military adviser accidentally shoot his camel?
    Bij Aqaba, toen Lawrence of Arabia zijn kameel door het hoofd schoot en bijna zelf schielijk kwam te gaan.
  4. what city was devastated as a result of a Franco/Norwegian combination?
    Halifax. Wreed accident. Het enige antwoord tot nog toe dat ik zonder opzoeken wist.
  5. whose apparently treasonable declaration was attributed to shellshock, thus sparing him court martial?
    Siegfried Sassoon, wegens ‘A Soldier’s Declaration’
  6. and whose declaration was penned for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland?
    Balfour. Wist ik ook. Twee op zes tot nog toe. 🙂
  7. by what vehicle was Mexico offered the reconquest of the 28th state and two others?
    Zimmermantelegram. Drie!
  8. who described a memorable wildfowl experience in County Galway?
    Wild Geese is de naam voor Ierse soldaten die in legers in Europa gingen vechten in de 16de-18de eeuw. Ik heb geen idee wat ik hier zou moeten antwoorden.
  9. who was H-21, who faced 12 riflemen in Vincennes?
    Mata Hari. Vier op negen.
  10. how did the Isle of Man provide Turkish Delight?
    De HMS Ben-my-Chree. Dus “door een pakketboot aan de Royal Navy te geven om er een vliegdekschip(je) van te maken”.


  1. Whence the minty bivalves?
    Ik heb er geen flauw idee van.
  2. Where does Lough’s hero from Trafalgar gaze out to sea?
  3. Which lofty resident was beheaded during inclement weather in September 1941?
    Ik ga ervan uit dat het een storm of een brand (firestorm?) of een bombardement moet geweest zijn, dat ergens in Northumberland een hoog gebouw heeft ‘onthoofd’. De torenspits van een kerk misschien? Maar geen idee verder.
  4. Where were echinoderm fossils collected for rosaries and named after a former bishop?
    St. Cuthberd’s beads, in Lindisfarne.
  5. Where is “the junction of streams by the hill”, a name, confusingly, unconnected with the railway?
  6. Where was the famed wood-engraver obliged to complete his taurine portrait from the safety of a tree?
    Chillingham. Toen Thomas Bewick de tekening voor The Chillingham Bull maakte, moest hij in een boom vluchten.
  7. From where did the grandson of Old Rowley leave home prior to his capture at Preston?
    Old Rowley is wat Charles II genoemd werd. De kleinzoon waarvan sprak is James Radclyffe. Ik vermoed dat het antwoord Dilston Castle is.
  8. Which building, “huge and square”, owes its origin to Oswald’s great-grandfather?
    Bamburgh Castle, gebouwd door Ida, de overgrootvader van koning Oswald.
  9. Where does Hotspur straddle between Within and Without?
    Standbeeld van Henry Percy in Alnwick, tussen Bondgate Within en Bondgate Without.
  10.  Where does Wor Jackie stand in Station Road?
    Niét, als ik het goed begrijp. Het standbeeld is verhuis naar Ashington Leisure Centre in de buurt.

Er zijn nog stapels vragen, maar ik ben een beetje moe en ‘t zal dus voor dan eens zijn. Ik copypaste alvast, een mens weet nooit dat de Grauniad plots failliet zou graan en niet meer zou online staan:


  1. Who wrote to his secretary on sheets of Tibby’s disgraceful notepaper?
  2. Who received a letter reviling the Cretians as liars, evil beasts and slow bellies?
  3. Who received a letter from the publican of the Cockchafer demanding £10 following the Derby?
  4. Whose depiction of the reading of a letter includes a map of Holland and West Friesland by van Berckenrode?
  5. Who, in her letters to her psychiatrist, addressed him as Mon Capitaine and challenged the doctor-patient relationship?
  6. Whose letter described his marriage to the recipient’s cousin and their subsequent honeymoon in Naples, before returning to Florence?
  7. Whose letter from his prison cell implored his brother-in-law to repossess his lodgings in the Rue de la Croix Blanche?
  8. Which letter of dubious provenance appeared in the national press and was followed by a Tory landslide?
  9. Who wrote to Ellen enquiring as to whether her new husband was mad or the devil?
  10. Who wrote to Harriet about her impending trip to Gretna Green with George?


  1. Who doubled for Notts?
  2. Whose 10th title recalled Beauclerc?
  3. Which sailor had an enduring association with red socks?
  4. Who failed on Cho Oyu, but reached his peak the following year?
  5. Who suggested that all science was either physics or stamp collecting?
  6. Whose CV included Olympic bronze medallist, Sergeant Surgeon to Her Majesty and Baron of Wanganui?
  7. Who famously rendered Let the Bright Seraphim at the Royal Wedding?
  8. Which combatant was uniquely twice awarded for valour?
  9. Who is remembered as a serial flagstaff vandal?
  10. Who shares $50 with the kokao?


  1. What was bitten by B and cut by C?
  2. What act is apologetic and accepts humiliation?
  3. What toothsome dish was unwittingly enjoyed by Duchess?
  4. Where were Bull and Pinkerton engaged in a murder investigation?
  5. With what, in addition to good wine, did Le Prudent claim to have banished the English?
  6. What delicacy did the honourable member for the University of Cambridge desire when confronted by his maker?
  7. What projectile should preferably be directed at a bishop rather than a curate?
  8. What features in a Mounts Bay festival prior to Christmas Eve?
  9. What revealed the activities of gourmet sleuth Crabbe?
  10. In what is convexity the key to PGI status?


  1. Who, in particular, should equal be?
  2. Whose itinerant Penny does the business?
  3. Where did Holmes intend to deposit the Duke of Holdernesse’s check?
  4. Which goldsmith’s foundation had an enduring orthopterous association?
  5. Where did Robinson’s poor aim spare the Secretary, who later became a renowned author?
  6. Where did the death of John Pull lead to a meeting with Albert Pierrepoint at Wandsworth six months later?
  7. Which House by Temple Bar wanted no elbow-room, light or embellishment?
  8. A draft on which establishment would be to Heneage like Ajax’s shield?
  9. From which heist was Maple the one that got away?
  10. Who were Mr Rankeillor’s bankers?


  1. Where did Hercules decorate the face?
  2. What brought disaster to the Côte d’Azur?
  3. Which two relics of Roman Iberia are still in use?
  4. Where did Maltby and Young succeed heroically with Upkeep?
  5. Where did a landslide during initial filling cause massive overflow with tragic consequences?
  6. What, following an apparent Mediterranean translocation, stages world championship events?
  7. Where did winged fishermen finally succeed 154 years after failure at Monksilver?
  8. Which fruity construction collapsed tragically in the West Riding?
  9. What was breached in Wallis’s experiment?
  10. Where was the Sleeping Beauty tested?

8 Unravel the towns in:

  1. There are busy rails between Waterloo and St David’s.
  2. In the Westonbirt lacrosse match Helen scored twice for us.
  3. During his D of E, bird watching provided an estuarine diversion.
  4. Kent CCC needed the scorer to travel to the St Lawrence Ground.
  5. From the Shooting Times – “Midland man got spaniel to train as gun dog”.
  6. Although the brewery no longer dominates, the pachydermal weather vane survives.
  7. O’Neill must have prayed for King James, but surely God heard him not.
  8. Anglers on the Great Ouse were making chub the catch of the day.
  9. A notice in Galgate stated “Room to rent. Crab salad for supper.”
  10. Kenney played this drum, as a guest, after the first chukka.


  1. How is HM toasted in the Palatinate?
  2. Who was the grossly obese grandson of King Edward II?
  3. Who died in a duel arising from the disputed Gerard inheritance?
  4. Who proudly preserved his blood by protracted wartime concealment?
  5. Who would open with a recommendation for the subway line to Harlem?
  6. Which ferrous hero is represented in a cupro-stannous mix on Round Hill?
  7. Who mortally wounded his superior officer in a duel after Bayou Meto?
  8. Who leaped to his death, despite being spared ophthalmic ablation?
  9. Which Butcher is remembered as both Dianthus and Jacobaea?
  10. Who led his army on an apparently sisyphean march?


  1. Who claimed to be Larger than Life after a change of heart?
  2. Which Apple cultivar benefited from hepatic replacement for 2½ years?
  3. Who famously moved Bino’s heart in a Rush but it lasted only 90 minutes?
  4. What was Ronald’s most famous Christmas present to his twin brother Richard?
  5. Which test cricketer’s accidental death enabled 10 people to benefit from organ donation?
  6. Which knight was helped to cut his way to a Chair by the canines Lollipop and TweedleDee?
  7. Which footballer travelled from Catalonia to Piraeus via Monte Carlo after a Greffe du Foie?
  8. What can be salvaged in the course of cardiac surgery to provide vital T-cells?
  9. Whose pioneering surgery partly corrected Ca(OH)2 damage in Olomouc?
  10. which antirejection drug takes its name from the land of the Moai?


  • Whose dream inspired Dykes?
  • Who beheld the faces of man, lion, ox and eagle?
  • Who saw seven golden candlesticks from his home on a Dodecanese island?
  • What vision of Breton women was depicted following a sermon at Pont Aven?
  • Which Sephardic Jew had a vision of Christ inviting him to follow him as a 16-year-old Rugby pupil?
  • Where did Jacinta and two other juvenile shepherds have a vision of a lady in white, holding a rosary?
  • Who suffered three days of blindness following an illuminating vision, while journeying in Syria?
  • Whose visions involved instructions from Michael, Catherine and Margaret?
  • In what did the poet have a vision of commercially-laden heavens?
  • Whose vision was sculpted by Bernini?


  1. Which Hungarians masquerade as sheep?
  2. What might represent Denmark at cross-country?
  3. Who partook of muffins and crumpets in the cook’s cabin?
  4. Who frightened Mustard in the bathroom of the Garden Suite?
  5. Which intended prey brought Simba and Nala together after the chase?
  6. Who appeared in a black coat, ratcatcher breeches and leather leggings?
  7. What Savage view was slightly marred by seven huge skyscrapers?
  8. Who was saved from slaughter by John and adopted by Fern?
  9. Who escaped, to the consternation of air traffic control?
  10. who was given to Dennis on 5 May 1979?

13 Which personality?

  1. 6.76, Tokyo.
  2. 13:51.6, London.
  3. 18.29, Gothenburg.
  4. 50, 45, 73, 92, 39, 66.
  5. 7½ – 4½, South Yorkshire.
  6. 4:31.3, 18:05.8, 2:21.9, Budapest.
  7. 5:40.27, Copenhagen.
  8. 48.12, Mexico City.
  9. 2:17.18, Chicago.
  10. 20-17, Sydney.

14 In which hostelry:

  1. do we always get bacon each day of the year?
  2. did the Anti-muffs feast off goose, followed by Goliahs?
  3. would the well-favoured sexagenarian Abigail serve purl and other beverages?
  4. did the Professor of Logic and Rhetoric spend the night after disembarking at Leith pier?
  5. did Charles and Emma dine on their first evening with the obnoxious, velvet-capped, pharmacist?
  6. did Joseph stop for a mug of ale when carrying the childbirth casualty, Fanny, in the new spring wagon to the church?
  7. did two former residents of Beaulieu Abbey join the veteran bowman from Crooksbury?
  8. did the boastful redheaded landscape painter throw whisky in the Englishman’s face?
  9. was the billiard table already occupied by three overnight guests?
  10. did the whopper weigh in at thirty pound and a half?


  • Which Lindsey engine shed was vanelline?
  • What is overlooked by the former Havanah House?
  • Where should one alight to witness Istabraq and Concorde?
  • Where did Roger receive a pigeon in a wicker basket from the porter?
  • Where was the Engine-Burgler handed over to the guard of a returning train?
  • What brings together highways linking Catthorpe and Gretna, and Bodmin and Mansfield?
  • Where, in north London, was there one gaslight in the Booking Hall?
  • What nominally recalls a confrontation with Medina Sidonia?
  • Where is transmission compromised by Naja’s bite?
  • Which burial ground featured on the big screen?

16 Who:

  • urged serpentine reconnection?
  • represented the Corsican as an arachnid?
  • created a series, warning against eavesdroppers?
  • depicted a skeletal fisherman greeting his retreating countrymen?
  • sketched a bubbly Leader of the Opposition (but without the bar of soap)?
  • showed the monarch watching the great ferrous politician leaving the ship?
  • imagined the prince wishing for prior decommissioning of weapons?
  • brought together premier and emperor at the global table?
  • represented the enquiring physician as an ass?
  • depicted three variations on a Gent?

17 According to The Ploughman:

  1. what rins wimpling clear?
  2. what is repeatedly crystal and winding?
  3. what is foaming down its ain green narrow strath?
  4. by what winding stream do bounding hawthorns gaily bloom?
  5. by whose bonie banks did Stewart and Murray muster a’ their powers?
  6. which struggling river toils thro’ the gap, to a horrid boiling caldron below?
  7. by what Water, tho’ I hae nae meikle tocher, will we tent our flocks?
  8. along whose flowery banks should we all our vows renew?
  9. by what does Autumn erect his aged head?
  10. what pours with gurgling sound?

18 During 2017:

  1. whose lasting legacy will be J9?
  2. who has travelled to southern Mexico in search of moles?
  3. what meteorological event recalled a favourite worst nightmare?
  4. what proved to be massively more than a wash pot for the troglodytes?
  5. which global record-breaker achieved his goal at the Arc de Triomphe, rather than in Pall Mall?
  6. whose revelation of the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world has been nobly rewarded?
  7. where has inflation seen a significant increase from tuppence per person per trip?
  8. what unique occurrence featured in a home win by 15-8 in Helsinki?
  9. which uniquely successful Son of the Wind has ceased to blow?
  10. which sometime gasman is sadly no longer At Large?

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