Links van 26 mei 2018 tot 27 mei 2018

Opinion | How to Survive Your 40s – The New York Times
Indeed, the strangest part of the 40s is that we’re now the ones attending parent-teacher conferences and cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving. These days, when I think, “Someone should really do something about that,” I realize with alarm that that “someone” is me.

She Married 3 Brothers in Family Torn by Afghan War – The New York Times
Khadija is 18 now, just a year older than the Afghan war itself, and she has already been married three times — to three brothers. One was a Taliban insurgent, killed fighting the United States Marines. One was a policeman, killed fighting the Taliban. One was an interpreter for the Marines who is now hunted by the Taliban, who have threatened to kill him and his infant son.

How 99 strangers in a Dublin hotel broke Ireland’s abortion deadlock | World news | The Guardian
In all, it took five weekends. But at the end of it, they voted for change. In doing so, they did not just pave the way for an abortion referendum in May, details of which were announced today. They showed the world what democrats can do with a little imagination.

The GDPR blog post – TSEngineering – Medium
The more I worked with GDPR the more I appreciated it. The effect of this legislation was never pushing us to do things that felt wrong. Quite the opposite. It was forcing us to think more about our interactions with people and to be careful about how we treated them. I would be very wary of a company who claims this legislation is onerous. It is potentially life threatening to companies who do very shady things without your consent. That much is true. That is the entire point.

Latest World & National News & Headlines –
Heerlijk: niet één tracker of reclameding. En dus verblindend snel. Welcome to USA TODAY NETWORK’S EUROPEAN UNION EXPERIENCE.

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