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Medium just doesn’t work – Davide Mastromatteo – Medium
The medium platform just doesn’t pay the authors. Probably they expect the authors to keep writing great posts for free, like if writing for Medium would be a rewarding experience on its own.You may say that you just need to subscribe to the «partner program» if you want to be paid, right? Wrong…

Jin Yong: The ‘Tolkien of Chinese literature’ dies at 94 – BBC News
He's been referred to as the JRR Tolkien of Chinese literature and the grandfather of martial arts novels – but very few people have heard of him outside the Chinese-speaking world. Novelist Louis Cha, who wrote under the name Jin Yong, died on Tuesday at a hospital in Hong Kong at the age of 94.

‘Ghost kanji’ lurk in the Japanese lexicon | The Japan Times
Common theories propose that 彁 was mistakenly de-stylized from calligraphic depictions of 謌 (uta/ka, sing or recite) or 彊 (kyō/tsuyo(i), strong), or that it was a variant of 歌 (uta/ka, sing), or even that it was supposed to be 哥 (an older iteration of 歌) but was misread together with a splattering of ink on its left side. In any case, this character simply did not exist before 1976; yet now, inexplicably, here it is, puzzling historians like a mischievous poltergeist.

Kite Blog | Using Fundamental UI Principles to Design Outstanding APIs
While saying that an API should be "intuitive" or "simple" is an obvious response, it’s not nearly descriptive enough to guide a developer toward a successful API design. In this blog post, we'll try to overcome this challenge by using a few practical concepts along with examples inherited from User Interface (UI) design.

The Scandinavian rule that every designer should follow
If there is a member of the team/a client/a manager who happened to be a jerk. introducing yourself as another jerk in the room will only add fuel to the fire. what we need here is to have ,and to show, self-confidence, high social and emotional intelligence, effective communication, and yes, sometimes the right amount of firmness -not arrogance. the difference can be subtle but the outcomes are definitely not.

Simple is not easy – Entropy Wins
Finding simple solutions, or brief ways to express something clearly, is harder than finding something that works but is more complex. In other words, achieving simplicity is hard. This is unfortunate, since dealing with complexity is also hard.

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