Links van 21 november 2018 tot 25 november 2018

Christopher Tolkien and the legacy of his father J.R.R. Tolkien: The Steward of Middle-earth
Now, after more than 40 years, at the age of 94, Christopher Tolkien has laid down his editor’s pen, having completed a great labor of quiet, scholastic commitment to his father’s vision. It is the concluding public act of a gentleman and scholar, the last member of a club that became a pivotal part of 20th-century literature: the Inklings. It is the end of an era.

Voice User Interfaces (VUI) — The Ultimate Designer’s Guide
While there’s a vast spectrum of VUI, they all share a set of common UX fundamentals that drive usability. We’ll explore teose fundamentals so, as a user, you can dissect your everyday VUI interactions — and, as a designer, you can build better experiences.

The Mystery Font That Took Over New York – The New York Times
How did Choc, a quirky calligraphic typeface drawn by a French graphic designer in the 1950s, end up on storefronts everywhere?

The State of JavaScript 2018: Introduction
JavaScript is always changing. New libraries, new frameworks, new languages… It's part of the fun, but it can also feel overwhelming sometimes. That's where the State of JavaScript survey comes in: this year, we surveyed over 20,000 JavaScript developers to figure out what they're using, what they're happy with, and what they want to learn. And the result is a unique collection of stats and insights that will hopefully help you make your own way through the JavaScript ecosystem.

Procedural Content Generation in Games | A textbook and an overview of current research

We mogen best trots zijn op onze roetpiet – De Standaard
Ik heb vriendinnen die nog steeds niet begrijpen waar ik moeilijk over doe. Waarom de oude Piet mij tegen de haren strijkt, en waarom ik hun (eigenlijk onze) fijnste jeugdherinneringen probeer te verpesten met activistische praat. Maar als ik hun vraag wat hun sterkste argumenten zijn voor het behoud van een gitzwarte piet met kroeshaar, dikke rode lippen en gouden oorbellen, stokt het gesprek en blijft alleen emotie over.