Links van 8 november 2018 tot 15 november 2018

code challenge – Build a working game of Tetris in Conway’s Game of Life – Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange
In Conway's Game of Life, there exist constructs such as the metapixel which allow the Game of Life to simulate any other Game-of-Life rule system as well. In addition, it is known that the Game of Life is Turing-complete. Your task is to build a cellular automaton using the rules of Conway's game of life that will allow for the playing of a game of Tetris.

Medium is a poor choice for blogging – Nikitonsky – Medium
Instead of becoming nice citizens and do what other websites do, they turned themselves into a closed silo that’s either all or nothing. No RSS. Bad reading experience, and I want to highlight it: it’s bad. Bad. Really bad. It’s not good, for any meaning of good you can imagine. There’s no person on Earth who could honestly call it at even partially good. Banners all over the place. Aggressive tracking and profiling.

BBC – Travel – The last velvet merchant of Venice
Today, the 3,500 archival designs stacked on the workshop’s warped floorboards are all still available, but many are no longer produced in-house. Like Venice itself, the Bevilacqua company has had to adapt in order to stay afloat in a changing world, and the family now owns a second factory on the mainland where some of its archaic patterns are woven by modern machines. Bevilacqua explained that many of his long-time clients can no longer afford the high costs of hand production, and that the 6m a machine makes in one day would take a weaver a full month and cost four times as much. Yet, the secrets of the soprarizzo are something that no machine can learn, and after five centuries of craftsmanship, Bevilacqua sees it as his family’s duty to ensure that this ancient Venetian thread doesn’t unravel.

(104) Why Danish sounds funny to Scandinavians – YouTube
What you peasants don't realise is that we Danes have transitioned you mere mortals and developed a language that makes sense no matter the level of your drunkness.

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

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