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What Is Third-Wave Antiracism? – The Atlantic
The new normal is, “If you don’t like it, cry loudly and then louder, because you’re always right and they’re just bad.”

When someone attests to his white privilege with his hand up in the air, palm outward—which I have observed more than once—the resemblance to testifying in church need not surprise. Here, the agnostic or atheist American who sees fundamentalists and Mormons as quaint reveals himself as, of all things, a parishioner.

The Curmudgeon: The Case for Paul McCartney :: Music :: Features :: Paul McCartney :: Paste
As 2018 draws to a close, we have a new solo album from Paul McCartney and four box-set treatments of older albums: the Beatles’ White Album, John Lennon’s Imagine, Paul’s Wild Life and Paul’s Red Rose Speedway. And listening to all this music has prompted this critic to make the case for Paul as his favorite Beatle—the most important Beatle of all.

Quanta’s Year in Physics (2018) | Quanta Magazine
Today, the cosmos’s origin story is in question, the identity of dark matter is anyone’s guess and supersymmetry is all but off the table, leaving gaps in our laws of nature. Add to that the dark energy mystery, black hole paradoxes and quantum weirdness, and it’s clear that the field of fundamental physics is experiencing both a period of confusion and one of refreshing openness to new ideas.

Think Outside the Box: The Sad Truth about Agile Timeboxes
Timeboxes by their nature impose needless toil on a development team and organization in the form of eager planning. Planning is poison to a development team. In small doses, it is sustainable. Unfortunately, timebox frameworks require a lethal dose.

A man lost his job to a rape joke. Are you cheering? | Laura Kipnis | Opinion | The Guardian
No doubt many will see the evolution of gendered management styles from “Give me a blow job or I’ll fire you” to “Don’t tell a joke I don’t like or I’ll fire you” as preferable. Personally, I think they’re both encroachments. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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