Op de Reddits stelde iemand de vraag wat het volwassenenequivalenet is van ontdekken dat Sinterklaas niet bestaat. Een aantal van de antwoorden doen soms een beetje pijn. 🙂

  • There are terrible awful people in the world that get away with all of it and die peacefully in their sleep with no repercussions.
    There are people with hearts of gold who get continually fucked by life for no god damn reason.
    The adult version of ‘there’s no santa’ is ‘the universe doesn’t care’.
  • Somebody you know hates you. For no reason. They probably dont even know why themselves. And no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do in life you will never, ever change that.
  • “My life will really begin when X happens. Right now is just a phase.”
  • When they hire you on the spot, it’s not because you’re an amazing person with so many credentials. It’s because it’s a really shitty job, and they desperately need to fill it for the third time this month.
  • Lots of people were the smartest kid in their high school.
  • You aren’t getting paid based on how good you are. You are paid based on how hard you are to replace.


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