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New year, new GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified Enterprise offering | The GitHub Blog
GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories

It’s Nice That | Mingoo Yoon designs bi-scriptual typefaces in aid of cultural harmony
After designing his first bitmap typeface for web at just the age of 13, Mingoo Yoon now works between Seoul and Lausanne, two cities known for design excellence. His current interests lie in bi-scriptual type design, particularly Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and the Latin alphabet used in much of the Western world. His typefaces are both thoughtful and considered befitting the unique qualities of the two written languages. Mingoo is a designer who respects typography as if it were a living thing in itself.

The Modernity of ‘Piripkura’ and Uncontacted Tribes – The Atlantic
The documentary Piripkura explores the resolve of indigenous people who persist in the forests of Brazil despite shifting circumstance.

We propose a radical change in design from experts designing for people to people designing for themselves. In the traditional approach, experts study, design, and implement solutions for the people of the world. Instead, we propose that we leverage the creativity within the communities of the world to solve their own problems: This is community-driven design, taking full advantage of the fact that it is the people in communities who best understand their problems and the impediments and affordances that impede and support change. Experts become facilitators, by mentoring and providing tools, toolkits, workshops, and support.

Tiny Emulators
n o s t a l g i e

Designer Diary: Bug — Perceptual Binding, Identity, and Meaning in a New Sort of Polyomino Game | BoardGameGeek News | BoardGameGeek

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