Ik heb ze nooit vanzeleven gezien, Larissa. Toen ik klein was, wist ik vaag dat ze bestond. Ik heb nooit anders geweten dan dat nonkel Felix niet meer samen was met zijn vrouw. De vrouw kan ik mij nog wel voor de geest halen (het is ondertussen al misschien wel veertig jaar geleden, after all), maar het is pas later dat ik hoorde dat hij twee kinderen had, en dat die in de Verenigde Staten zaten.

En nóg veel later dat Internet uitgevonden is en voldoende uitgebouwd en gevuld was om er dingen op te vinden.

Kijk, dit is mijn grootvader met naast hem de vrouw van nonkel Felix en op de grond van links naar rechts Laura (Larissa), mijn vader, en Claude, de broer van Larissa.

Ik heb Claude op een blauwe maandag gevonden op Facebook. Ik verschoot mij een ongeluk: hij leek als twee druppels water op zijn vader. Hij is kort nadat ik hem vond, gestorven. Vies.

Larissa zit niet op Facebook. Voor zover ik zie, leeft ze nog: ze moet 75 zijn, ze woont in New York, maar ze zit ook regelmatig bij vrienden en kennissen over de hele wereld — onlangs nog bij Christian Louboutin in Lissabon.

Ik kom ze wel op de meest onverwachte plaatsen tegen. In een concertreview van Iggy Pop en The Stooges in 1973, bijvoorbeeld:

“Costumier to the stars” begot. Of deze, “130 Fabulous Faces” door Leee Black Childers:

Image result for 130 Fabulous Faces By LEE BLACK CHILDERS

Het geheel is een who’s who van New York in de jaren 1970 — Larissa is nummer 53. Wat een gezelschap om tussen te staan! En wat een omschrijving van Larissa! Hoe fantastisch moet dat niet geweest zijn! En hoe enorm veel spijt heb ik dat wij ze nooit gekend hebben!

Ik copy-paste de tekst van Lee Childs even — de enige versie die ik ervan vind, staat op Facebook, en ik heb meer vertrouwen in de staying power van dit weblog dan die van Facebook:

  1. David Johansen: lead singer of the New York Dolls. When they broke up, he worked briefly solo before changing miraculously into Buster Poindexter and then morphing into a film star (“Scrooged,” “Car 54, Where Are You?”). Got wise to himself and reformed the Dolls with surviving member Sylvain Sylvain. (#22)
  2. Divine: legendary drag film star of John Waters classics — “Pink Flamingoes,” “Hairspray'” etc. Died in a Hollywood Hotel room, 1986.
  3. Danny Fields: a true rock legend and survivor. Publicist for Jim Morrison, manager of The Stooges and then, The Ramones. Living in Manhattan.
  4. Donna Jordan: model and Max’s scenester. Married and divorced successfully, now living privately.
  5. Ahmet Ertegun: one of the great robber barons of the recording industry. Wielding immense power wisely, he discovered and guided the careers of numerous musical sensations. Died 2006 after a fall at a Rolling Stones concert.
  6. Paul Stanley: Kiss. After looking like this for years, he and his band-mates removed their distinctive make-up, but put it right back on again.
  7. Sable Starr: with her sister, Coral, and friend, Lori Lightning, ruled the L.A. groupie scene of the 1970’s. If you so much as played the kazoo, these girls would hunt you down. Eventually moved to Northern California for marriage, kids, and a quiet life. Died of brain cancer, 2009.
  8. Miki Zone: with his band, The Fast, and his perfect imitation of Gene Pitney, became well-known and much loved in New York City. An early AIDs victim.
  9. Ekaterina Sobechenskaya: a.k.a. Larry Ree. Over six feet tall, this great drag performer mastered a physically impossible feat for a man, — dancing en pointe. Suicide in 1998.
  10. Ron Asheston: The Stooges. Still performs occasionally returning home to Detroit and his Nazi memorabilia.
  11. Robert Mapplethorpe: seemingly shy and obviously beautiful, he became an acclaimed photographer arousing much controversy over his homosexual pornographic/S&M images. He died of AIDs before seeing his art vindicated in court.
  12. Paul McCartney: Beatle who was widowed, knighted, and duped by a one-legged ex-“model” in that order. Money don’t make you happy, and apparently it also don’t make you smart.
  13. Patti Smith: Here seen in a pink afro wig she thought made her look like Bob Dylan. Phenominally successful rock performer, widowed by Fred “Sonic” Smith.
  14. Pristine Condition: one of the infamous Cockettes, an outrageous San Francisco based drag theatre troupe. Died of AIDs in the 1980’s.
  15. Lou Reed: started out with Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground. Gained solo notoriety after many ups and downs. Can still be spotted scuttling about Greenwich Village.
  16. Rosie Ross: One of the original Stilettos (with Debbie Harry (#82) and Elda Gentile). Ex-bull dike who moved to Berlin and became a hausfrau.
  17. Tim Hauser: Creative brains of retro quartet, The Manhattan Transfer.
  18. Richard Hell: Television, The Heartbreakers, The Void-Oids. Added his unique genius to each of these groups before quitting them in a huff. Happiest amongst his thoughts.
  19. Ian Hunter: Mott the Hoople, and somewhat surprisingly a major influence on punk. Performed also with Mick Ronson (#127).
  20. Jimmy Destri: keyboards for the hugely popular pop band, Blondie.
  21. Tally Brown: extremely eccentric underground actress with numerous appearances in numerous films you have never seen. Quirky, rebellious … dead.
  22. Sylvain Sylvain: The New York Dolls. Cute, bouncy, smart. Back with the New Dolls thank goodness.
  23. John Collins: with rock group bearing his name. a staple at Max’s and CBGB’s.
  24. Daniella Parma: exotic part-nanny to Zowie Bowie, part-nanny to Angela Bowie (#115). Snagged an Arab sheik — happy, happy, happy.
  25. Viva!: Warhol Supersar. “Lonesome Cowboys”, others.
    26 & 27. Billy & Bobby (or Bobby & Billy) Alessi: Long Island twins with one hit album, “Alessi.”
  26. Maria Smith: Warhol Superstar who went on to legitimate films. “Lords of Flatbush’, “The Incredible Shrinking Woman.” Sister of Geraldine (#59)
  27. Anthony Zanetta: president of MainMan, portrayed Andy Warhol in “Pork”. Now a bedroom designer.
  28. Alice Cooper: Burst upon the New York scene upstairs at Max’s. Much gold and platinum followed. Currently playing golf.
  29. Allan Paul: the sexy one in Manahattan Transfer (translate: ripped undershirt). Original Teen Angel in “Grease” on Broadway.
  30. Jim: a roadie. can’t live without them, but it’s better if they’re cute!
  31. Richard Robinson: nice guy, rock pioneer. Wrote books, produced Lou Reed, became a magician. Married to #35 for reasons known only to him.
  32. Brian Eno: enigmatic, Roxy Music, genius.
  33. Lisa Robinson: Mrs. Richard (#33). Ruled over the legendary (we will never see its like again) “Rock Scene” magazine. Now writes for “Vanity Fair” and counts her money.
  34. David Bailey: At the time of taking this picture, the great British photographer had navy blue hair, rather ahead of his time for 1971, what?
  35. Jimmy Page: Yardbirds, Led Zepellin. Survived, despite all the weird legends.
  36. Dee Dee Ramone: Ramones, and speaking of urban legends, he took the “bad boy” throne from the likes of Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders. OD’d in California.
  37. Joey Ramone: Ramones’ lead singer and ultimate symbol. Truly weird. Died of cancer in 2001.
  38. Keith Moon: the loon. Great drummer (The Who) and every naughty boy’s hero. Legend has it that he spent his last afternoon super-gluing the luggage to the carousels at the airport. Then he OD’d.
  39. Eric Emerson: Warhol’s exhibitionist, “Lonesome Cowboys.” Famously gave a real blow-job at the premiere screening of Warhol’s film, “Blow Job.” And he got more applause and attention. No one knows if the truck hit him or he hit the truck. Goodbye.
  40. Ruth Karsh: famous for being old. Her glitter and “found” clothing brightened many a night. If she’s not dead, she’s in the Guiness Book of Records.
  41. Andy Warhol: You knew he had to be here. Arguably the most influential force in art and culture of his century. After surving a near fatal assasination attempt, he needlessly died after minor surgery.
  42. Shayne Harris: drummer for Luger. Am I a boy or am I a girl? Couldn’t decide, so he moved to Florida.
  43. David Cassidy: Tried to be dangerous, never got the knack. Whoever cast The Patridge Family was a genius.
  44. Jane Forth: Andy Warhol was so glad to find her; finally a real girl who looked like a drag queen! Hypnotic actress of “Trash” and a baby with Eric Emerson (#41).
  45. Lewis Furey: Smart, androgynous song-writer/tease (“The Hustler’s Tango”). I recently found him in the 99 cent bin (the album, not the boy.)
  46. Amanda Lear: Statuesque muse for Dali(#49) and Bowie (#78). Lots of unneeded gossip about whether she was male or female. Laughed it off and moved to France where, presumably, they don’t care.
  47. Salvador Dali: Surreralist genius or charlaton. Certainly eccentric as all get-out. Died after mysterious fire in Spain.
  48. Prindeville Wells: beautiful half-caste actress for Warhol and underground theatre. Major penchant for booze and pills, so naturally went on to Wall Street carrer.
  49. Patti D’Arbanville: In Warhol’s “Flesh’, then Hollywood success, “Boys Next Door”. Embarrassing trivia: Cat Stevens wrote “Lady D’Arbanville” for her.
  50. Pat Lorenzo: The Poppees. Around this time, small time money men were moving in on the band scene. Poor Pat was a victim.
  51. Truman Capote: “In Cold Blood” made him and supposedly killed him. His downward spiral was much chronicled and much enjoyed. Died in California while trying to squeeze into his smimming trunks.
  52. Simon Turner: 1970’s British teen idol. After “bumming” around with the Bowies, he made a mark as musical director for Derek Jarman’s films.
  53. Larissa Jarzombek: It is said that a long, long time ago, there was a vacant lot on Park Avenue South with a lady sitting demurely at a table in the middle sipping a glass of wine. So they built Max’s Kansas City around her. She remained there for years, but also became a successful designer.
  54. Rod Stewart: First Small Faces, now a crooner.
  55. Marianne Faithfull: “As Tears Go By’ — then Mick Jagger brought real tears, overdoses, rejection, and oblivion. Until one day, she got a good grip on herself and became a much respected singer and performer. Sometimes, there is a happy ending.
  56. David Essex: So very, very cute. Films, hits, but not to be. Stars in London West End musicals successfully now.
  57. Geraldine Smith: sister of Maria (#28). Crazy, flamboyant trouble maker. Given credit for instigating most of Andrea Feldman’s (#89) antics. Did “Flesh” “Bad”. Now, get this! — a youth couselor.
  58. Jonathan Richman: Modern Lovers. Currently raking in a fortune on the solo (only him, a guitar, and a tiny amp) circuit.
  59. Lizzie Mercier: French. Came to New York, everyone fell in love with her and then went back to France. Died of leukemia.
  60. Chris Franz: the Talking Head everyone was sure was gay. Married Tina Weymouth and formed the Tom Tom Club. So there.
  61. Peter Brown: The Beatle’s business manager and friend. Now in New York, producing hit musicals, having lavish parties, and behaving impeccably.
  62. Howard Bowler: The Marbles. Everyone still agrees that they should have been the next pop sensation to emerge from the CBGB’s scene. But no.
  63. Cindi Lang: Model/Groupie. She just couldn’t have been as evil as everyone says. It’s too late to ask Sid and Nancy.
  64. Allen Ginsberg: certainly the most well-known beat poet, “Howl”. Died 1997.
  65. Holly Woodlawn: First stanza of “Walk on the Wild Side, followed by Jackie (#92) and Candy (#99). Her performance in “trash” was praised. Once impersonated the French ambassador’s wife to cash checks, got arrested, thrown into the Women’s House of Detention, quickly transferred to the Men’s House of Detention. Now in L.A.
  66. Lesley Gore: “It’s My Party (And I’ll Cry If I Want To)” followed by the great women’s anthem, “You Don’t Own Me.” After which she came and went and came and went and went.
  67. John DeSalvo: Tuff Darts. Too nice for rock and roll. Every diva’s boyfriend. Still an easy mark if you need money.
  68. Lenny Kaye: A lot of these faces owe him a lot, not least of which is #13! Now the star he deserves to be.
  69. Tom Verlaine: Televsion. Camera shy introvert who took his name from a dead French poet.
  70. Elvis Presley: All things considered, he might have been better off still driving a truck. Died 1977.
  71. Kathlyn Black Stone: my mother. Come on, I had to put my Mom in, BUT she did at least do a number of hilarous rock reviews for Rock Scene magazine. Died 1996.
  72. Anthony J. Ingrassia: playwright, literally larger than life. Created and directed Andy Warhol’s “Pork” to much moral outrage in London. Died in 1997, weighing over 650 pounds.
  73. Wayne County: Georgia drag queen. Came to New York and recorded. Went back to the farm.
  74. Mick Ralphs: After his fear of flying caused him to leave Mott the Hoople; thus inspiring the hit “All the Way from Memphis.”, he got over it, and joined Bad Company. Bad move.
  75. John Lennon: Assisinated in New York City in 1981. Left us with Yoko.
  76. David Bowie: Here he is as he appeared before being inspired by the Warhol crowd into becoming Ziggy Stardust. After that, he tried a few more looks.
  77. John Waters: Not a bad career for a boy from Baltimore. “Pink Flamingoes” “Cry Baby” — so many movies, and now “Hairspray” is on Broadway!
  78. Jane Hutcherson-Simpson: Kentucky cheerleader, lost her virginity to the civics teacher, married and divorced the richest boy in town, had a son named Rocky — and went on to scandalous adventures with #29, 49, 75, 78, 87, & 115.
  79. Toby DuPrey: The Mumps. Too cute to be innocent (like all Toby’s).
  80. Debbie Harry: Blondie (the group). Waitress, hairdresser, bad girl. Put them all together and what have you got? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
  81. Mick Jagger: started out as a joke, ended up as a joke — and had a hell of a time in between.
  82. Cyrinda Foxe: Oklahoma runaway, bleached her hair, painted her lips black, hung out with Andy Warhol, married #1, divorced, married #129, divorced. Wrote memoirs with #3. Died of a brain tumor.
  83. Robert Gordon: Tuff Darts. Then solo rockabilly. Bruce Springsteen wrote “Fire” for him.
  84. Michael Gray: Teen idol of 60’s and 70’s TV. Hope he found a rich husband or wife.
  85. Cherry Vanilla: Pork in “Pork” in London. Groupie, poet, publicist for MainMan, RCA recording artist. Lots of high highs and low lows. Now in L.A.
  86. Iggy Pop: Living legend. Yes, I said living, to everyone’s surprise — after Stooges, MainMan, Bowie, drugs, blood, barf, and peanut butter — he has morphed into one of the strangest looking icons we’ve got.
  87. Andrea Feldman: She couldn’t survive, but definitely earned her place in immortality. After years of bizarre behavior and great appearances in “Trash” and “Heat,” she leapt from a Fifth Avenue window in 1971.
  88. Freddie Buretti: Muse and cosume designer for David Bowie. This silver haired ex-rent boy telephoned in 1977 to say he’d joined the Israeli army for the sex. Died of AIDs.
  89. Jim Clifford: Marbles (with #64). Same story. Should be a rich junkie by now, but instead probably happily married somewhere. You win some, you lose some.
  90. Jackie Curtis: “Flesh” “Women In Revolt” Warhol genius. Playwright, actress, junkie. Old lady dresses, silver painted orthopedic shoes, runs in her stockings, frizzed dyed red hair, silver eye glitter, red lip glitter, rips and safety pins. Laughed: “One day, everyone will look like me!” OD’d in 1988.
  91. Rio Grande: No one knows his real name, where he came from, or where he went. But, he sure was grand!
  92. Michael Dancik: Brooklyn Musician. Gone away somewhere.
  93. Ruby Lynn Reyner: Underground star. Still singing with Ruby and the Rednecks since the days of the Mercer Arts Center.
  94. Jimmy Marcus: The Miamis. Underground theatre and a spell in a Turkish prison.
  95. Jed Johnson: with his twin, Jay, went to work for Andy Warhol and became his lover. Then became a successful interior decorator. Then was killed on TWA Flight #800.
  96. No, it’s not Nico: or Jean Shrimpton, or Marianne Faithfull, or Debbie Harry. It’s a mannequin in a store window.
  97. Candy Darling: the most beautiful of the Warhol drag stars. Tennessee Williams starred her on Broadway as a woman. She died like a star in 1972 from untested female hormones.
  98. PAUL ZONE: The Fast. Brother of #8. Had hit with “Male Stripper.” Now in L.A.
  99. Earl McGrath: wonderful sense of humor, powerful record business clout, good timing and taste. One of the most welcome of the money men.
  100. Jim Bouton: sports star. I put him in to show that I could.
  101. Michael Dean: real bad bad boy of Max’s. His father, Tommy Dean, owner of Max’s warned everyone to stay away with the usual results. After a zillion close calls, he was hustled off somewhere.
  102. Duncan Hannah: super cute, super talented, social climbing painter. Now hanging in many museums.
  103. Johnny Paley: Brother of #114. Younger, straighter. Way cute. The Paley Brothers.
  104. A boy from 53rd and 3rd: one of many such boys from a safer, more innocent, yesteryear. Immortalized by the Ramones song. I paid him with a Slade LP.
  105. Taylor Mead: the first Warhol Superstar. Great comedian, scathing wit, scorching temper. In this photo he is showing off the stitches gained at the hands of a Moraccan hustler. Older and meaner now than ever.
  106. Col. Tom Parker: Savior and destoyer of Elvis Presley. Started out painting sparrows yellow and selling them to suckers as canaries.
  107. Rocky Roads: young, gifted, talented, intelligent, beautiful boy-whore. AIDs.
  108. Joe Perry: Aerosmith. Contrary to rumor, actually a very nice person.
  109. Peter Frampton: the Face of 1966 with The Herd. Wanted to be taken seriously so he grew a beard, no success, shaved and had best selling album, went back to ugly. Went broke.
  110. Johnny Thunders: New York Dolls, Heartbreakers. Known for the popular phrase “See him before he dies.” Which he did amid very strange rumors in New Orleans in 1991. “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory.”
  111. Miss Christine: one of the original GTO’s, group founded by Frank Zappa. cute, smart, junkie, OD’d in 1977.
  112. Andy Paley: brother of #105. The Paley Brothers, Sidewinder. Charming, sexy, trashy. Now personal minder for Brian Wilson.
  113. Angie Bowie: Let’s take a vote on who’s the craziest of this whole bunch. We have a winner! Fascinating, rebellious, a true genius who should have risen and risen. Ex of #78. Maybe that had something to do with it.
  114. Gary Valentine: Blondie. The extra blonde?
  115. Rick Derringer: First hit: “Hang On Sloopy” before you were born. Years and years of success have followed (Edgar and Johnny Winter).
  116. Liz Derringer: Married #117. Now divorced and working for Peter Max.
  117. Peter Noone: Herman in Herman’s Hermits. Started out on “Coronation Street”, fluttered many hearts, now works as TV host, mostly.
  118. Geri Miller: Warhol Superstar and giantly siliconed topless dancer. While in “Pork” in London, she was arrested for exposing her breasts on The Mall. “What’s wrong with tits,” she cried, “The Queen’s got ’em!”
  119. Bunny Eisenhower: heterosexual cross-dresser. Tough as nails, rode the New York subway in wig, white ankle socks, and Mary Jane’s.
  120. Richard Lloyd: Television. When he was good, he was very, very good good, but when he was bad he was better. Bleached hair, pink lipstick, hidden knife! A true star.
  121. Lance Loud: The Mumps. Star of first TV reality show, “An AmericanFamily.” Ratings zoomed when he announced he was gay and moving to New York to hang out with #67, 92, & 99. Died of AIDs in L.A.
  122. Janis Cafasso: girlfriend of #112. Until she couldn’t take it anymore. Now married and a designer.
  123. Gene Simmons: Kiss. Same story as #6, except throw in Cher and Diana Ross.
  124. Jacqueline Susann: Although dead already, how could I deny her a place in this company when she had already written all their life stories before they had even lived them (“The Valley of the Dolls”).
  125. Mick Ronson: guitar for #78’s Spiders from Mars. Went solo and with # 19. Died of cancer in 1998.
  126. Suzie Quatro: American girl who became a British rock star. “Can the Can” “48 Crash” Then went on to become Pinky Tuscadero. A shame.
  127. Steven Tyler: Aerosmith. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do? Wised up after years of self-abuse, divorced #84, and made a comeback.
  128. Roger Daltry: The Who. Great body, great moves. “Tommy” “Lisztomania” Didn’t die and didn’t announce his homosexuality.

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