Links van 9 april 2019 tot 20 april 2019

Jordan Peterson’s Bullshit
Peterson does not speak for what is “normal.” His jargon of authenticity — that he is just a simple academic fighting for truth amid so much political correctness and censorship — masks his authoritarian ideas. He calls Marxism a “murderous ideology,” but his paranoid and conspiratorial politics are hard to distinguish from the alt-right’s denunciations of cultural Marxism. Indeed, the line between Peterson’s authoritarianism and Richard Spencer’s paleo-Nazism is a blurry one. In their appeal to middle-class liberals, the reactionary’s best alibi has always been militant anti-communism.

Emily Wilson on Twitter: “Why and how is translation so hard? Here’s a little non-comparative case study to help make the process more visible. 9 words from the very start of the Odyssey, lines 1-2: ὃς μάλα πολλὰ / πλάγχθη, ἐπεὶ
Why and how is translation so hard? Here's a little non-comparative case study to help make the process more visible.

Chinese Scientists Gene-Hacked Super Smart Human-Monkey Hybrids
Vandaag in "dingen die als ge ze in een rampenfilm zoudt zien op een tv in de achtergrond dat ze meteen de toon voor de film zouden zetten": "For the first time, scientists have used gene-editing techniques to make monkey brains more humanlike."

Starting at zero, what is the best way to get into and truly appreciate Frank Zappa?
I mean, I could try and put into words what it is that I get from listening to Zappa flogging a Stratocaster, or why his utter refusal to tolerate sentimentality sometimes feels like a good and healthy thing, but isn’t the best explanation that I am simply dead inside? An empty husk, incapable of awe and reverence, a brutalised parody of a human, insensitive to kittens, hugs and gladioli. Yeah, that looks like it’ll work. Let’s go with that.

All avant-garde. All the time.

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