Recente links

Ik dacht, ik kijk nog eens op Pinboard wat daar staat, en of ik dat misschien weer eens wat meer zou gebruiken.

  • A Marxist View of Tolkien’s Middle Earth
    At no point in The Lord of the Rings is the hierarchical social structure subject to any form of critique or challenge, either by an individual character or a collective group, or even implicitly by the logic of the narrative. The history of Middle Earth contains no Wat Tylers, John Lilburnes, or Tom Paines. On the contrary, acceptance of traditional and inherited authority is invariably a sign of “good” character, resistance to it a sign of siding, or potentially siding, with the enemy.
  • Half in the Bag: 2022 Catch-up Part 2 – YouTube
    Consistent goed. En Fleishman Is In Trouble is inderdaad ongelooflijk goed.
  • Dwarf Fortress – River Chambers – Armok Vision 3D
    Eén van de charmes van Dwarf Fortress toen het nog ascii-karakters waren, was dat het allemaal in het hoofd gebeurde, net zoals dat bij DCSS het geval was. Tilesets en uiteraard vooral de Steamversie bewijzen dat wat meer visualisatie geen kwaad kan.
    Stonesense en Armok Vision 3D doen hun best om het in 3D te renderen. Ik probeer dat dan altijd eens te gebruiken en dat is meestal zo buggy of zo traag of zo lelijk dat het de moeite niet waard is. Misschien eens herevalueren.
  • How far can you go by train in 5h?
    This map shows you how far you can travel from each station in Europe in less than 5 hours.
    It is inspired by the great Direkt Bahn Guru. The data is based off of this site, which sources it from the Deutsch Bahn.
    Hover your mouse over a station to see the isochrones from that city.
  • The Navy Installed Touch-screen Steering Systems To Save Money. Ten Sailors Paid With Their Lives.
    In 2014, Navy officials discovered a flaw in the IBNS. One component could not keep track of more than 150 ships at a time without malfunctioning, according to Navy investigators. The Navy’s solution? Sailors were told to delete tracked ships before the total hit the magic number. The navigation system could also become overloaded if too much information streamed in from a ship tracking database used worldwide to prevent maritime collisions. The Navy’s second solution was similar to the first: Drop the feed when it became too much.
  • Why Did Greenland’s Vikings Vanish? | History | Smithsonian
    How profitable was the ivory trade? Every six years, the Norse in Greenland and Iceland paid a tithe to the Norwegian king. A document from 1327, recording the shipment of a single boatload of tusks to Bergen, Norway, shows that that boatload, with tusks from 260 walruses, was worth more than all the woolen cloth sent to the king by nearly 4,000 Icelandic farms for one six-year period.
  • 12 Common Mistakes and Missed Optimization Opportunities in SQL | Haki Benita
    In an effort to make my team write better SQL, I went over reports written by non-developers and code reviews, and gathered common mistakes and missed optimization opportunities in SQL.
  • Your Office Chair Is Hurting You – Elemental
    Standing desks are also a complete failure. There was a paper out in 2018 that followed 7,300 people for 10 years, half of them in sitting occupations, half standing. Those standing had twice the rate of heart attacks. When you’re upright and walking, your leg muscles are moving rhythmically, squeezing the veins and pumping blood back to your heart. When you stand still, the vessels just dilate in your legs and the blood just sits there. You’re setting up the conditions for a heart attack. You can die like that.
  • The Money Farmers: How Oligarchs and Populists Milk the E.U. for Millions – The New York Times
    Every year, the 28-country bloc pays out $65 billion in farm subsidies intended to support farmers around the Continent and keep rural communities alive. But across Hungary and much of Central and Eastern Europe, the bulk goes to a connected and powerful few. The prime minister of the Czech Republic collected tens of millions of dollars in subsidies just last year. Subsidies have underwritten Mafia-style land grabs in Slovakia and Bulgaria. Europe’s farm program, a system that was instrumental in forming the European Union, is now being exploited by the same antidemocratic forces that threaten the bloc from within. This is because governments in Central and Eastern Europe, several led by populists, have wide latitude in how the subsidies, funded by taxpayers across Europe, are distributed — even as the entire system is shrouded in secrecy.
  • The Myths of Color Contrast Accessibility
    There’s a growing demand for designers to make their interfaces accessible to all users. It’s important to accommodate users with disabilities, but there are many myths to color contrast accessibility being perpetuated by misinformed people.