Boe! Valsspelers! At the height

Boe! Valsspelers! At the height of the summer, as talk of invading Iraq built in Washington like a dark, billowing storm, the US armed forces staged a rehearsal using over 13,000 troops, countless computers and $250m. Officially, America won and a rogue state was liberated from an evil dictator. What really happened is quite another […]

Sprookjes van Grimm, maar dan

Sprookjes van Grimm, maar dan wel in niet-verdisneyde versie. Alhoewel. Bij Rapunzel geven ze de versie van de latere edities van Grimm: Die Zauberin merkte auch nichts davon [dat er elke avond een prins bij Rapunzel op bezoek kwam], bis einmal Rapunzel anfing und zu ihr sagte: “Sag Sie mir doch, Frau Gotel, wie kommt es […]

The dirty little secret

The dirty little secret of content management. Dylan Tweney’s latest Business 2.0 column advises businesses to steer carefully between the six-figure CMS overkill solutions that thrived during the dotcom boom and the other end of the spectrum, reinventing the CMS wheel yourself in-house. I’ve been doing content management-related consulting for the last five years and […]

Blijkbaar heeft Daschle ook zijn

Blijkbaar heeft Daschle ook zijn ballen teruggevonden nu Dole kritisch is voor Bush: […] increasingly over the course of the last several weeks, reports have surfaced which have increasingly led me to believe that, indeed, there are those who would politicize this war. I was given a report about a recommendation made by Matthew Dowd, […]