OK, het kan dus erger

OK, het kan dus erger dan “olsen twins naked” (ik sta ondertussen bij Google.com op de zesde plaats met de zoekopdracht “twins nude”! en op drie met “olsen twins naked”!). Daarnet gezien in de referers: “M-kids Tamara sex”. OK, niet verwonderlijk en zo, maar… eikes! Misschien toch nog en paar jaar wachten? Verder ook leuk […]

Van op de website van

Van op de website van de man zelf: These last few years Fran├žois Louis has been working on the conception and the creation of the first prototype of a new woodwind instrument: the aulochrome. The name combines “aulos”, the most important ancient greek instrument consisting of a reed pipe appearing in identical pairs and “chrome” […]

Rape and Murder: Another Day

Rape and Murder: Another Day in Chechnya The tragic hostage drama in Moscow was a reminder about the unsolved tragedy in Chechnya, but few people in the west get any idea of the horrible atrocities taking place every day at the hands of Russian forces in the rebel republic: mass executions, torture, rape, kidnappings for ransom and plunder. Strict […]

Stand-up Comedian Broken One of

Stand-up Comedian Broken One of Norway’s most famous stand up comedians, Thomas Giertsen, has managed to obtain a serious injury in a way that will inspire his collegues for months. In a live show, he stated from the stage that he was strong enough to beat any female in the audience in arm wrestling. Somewhat unexpected, […]