Stand-up Comedian Broken One of

Stand-up Comedian Broken

One of Norway’s most famous stand up comedians, Thomas Giertsen, has managed to obtain a serious injury in a way that will inspire his collegues for months. In a live show, he stated from the stage that he was strong enough to beat any female in the audience in arm wrestling. Somewhat unexpected, one of the women present took his challenge. While arm-wrestling, a bone in the comedian’s upper arm suddenly broke with a loud sound. Giertsen had to be taken to the hospital, where doctors could tell him he had suffered a serious and complicated fracture.

Lessons to be learned:

  1. Armwrestling is for neanderthals. Unless you are one; don’t.
  2. Women are way, way more dangerous than they look like!

(from a Norwegian article in Dagbladet)

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