Rape and Murder: Another Day

Rape and Murder: Another Day in Chechnya

The tragic hostage drama in Moscow was a reminder about the unsolved tragedy in Chechnya, but few people in the west get any idea of the horrible atrocities taking place every day at the hands of Russian forces in the rebel republic: mass executions, torture, rape, kidnappings for ransom and plunder.

Russian troops near Moscow theatre where hostages are being heldStrict press censorship and the fact that the world’s attention has been elsewhere since 9/11 last year has given the Russian forces free roam in exercising the worst brutality imaginable, committing horrible atrocities. The Chechen civilians are caught between the hammer and the anvil, as the various armed fractions of Chechen rebels commit the same type and level of cruelty against the population they portray to want to liberate.

After the recent atrocities in Moscow, I doubt people in the west will have more sympathy for the mostly Muslem population of Chechnya. But you do owe it to yourself to read the article “Torture and rape stalk the streets of Chechnya” in Guardian/Observer.

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