WHAT THE FUCK?!  Ik weet

WHAT THE FUCK?!  Ik weet begod niet wiet die mensen zijn en waarom ik geblokkeerd zou zijn, maar blijkbaar als ik naar http://www.underdogs.org wil gaan, krijg ik deze boodschap:

Attention your ip address has been blocked from seachport servers

Policy: Automated Retrieval Program (Robot) Activity on the Searchport(s) site(s)

The searchport.com web site serves the needs of a wide and varied customer base.
In order to serve those needs most efficiently, we strongly urge that individuals and organizations
refrain from using automated retrieval programs (or robots) against the searchport(s) site.

If it is absolutely necessary to use an automated retrieval program or robot to retrieve this information,
please contact bill@nospam.netvisibility.com ( remove the nospan. addition to continue with email notification)
   Send request to be unblocked from the searchport.com site(s)
           A:) Include reason why such robot activity is required
           B:) Company complete contact information companyname,address,phone,email address
           C:) Qualified reason to have ip address unbanded from the servers

Huh? Ik wou eigenlijk toch Home of the Underdogs hebben, niet underdogs.org, maar het blijft vreemd. Vooral om ik mijn ip-nummer via DHCP krijg.

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  1. I have no clue what has happen or what is going on!!! I was going to put in vote on the web site….my neice sent me an IM…tried going back to regisandkelly and it is telling me something about robot activity!!! I dont even know what that is or even WHY I would be banned!!! This makes no sence at all to me. I did not do a darn thing to be banned from anywhere!!!!!! There is something obviously going wrong on your end because I have done nothing. Please fix this.

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