As the final days of the historic California recall election near, another historic development has unfolded behind the scenes. Campaign operatives are scrambling to contain full nude erotic photographs taken by controversialist Robert Mapplethorpe — full nude photographs of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

The shocking nudes of Republican Schwarzenegger have been kept under lock at the Estate of Robert Mapplethorpe in New York, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Mapplethorpe, whose infamous self-portrait with a bullwhip inserted in his anus as well as many photographs of penises and men engaging in homosexual acts, considered Schwarzenegger one of his favorite subjects, sources close to the late artist tell DRUDGE.

Voters have never seen an elected official in such detail. [DRUDGE REPORT 2003®]

Tee hee. Ik ben eens benieuw

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