Daarom dus

Radio was weer eens down:

Lawrence Lee – Re: Lights out on blogs.salon.com (404)
10/4/2003; 2:28:13 PM (reads: 64, responses: 0)
The server was down and we addressed the situation as soon as we were aware of the problem. We’re monitoring the server and are checking into why it didn’t automatically restart.

arghnono – Re: Lights out on blogs.salon.com (404)
10/4/2003; 6:25:38 PM (reads: 54, responses: 0)
“As soon as you were aware of the problem”??????
Lawrence, you have to shape up your service! Show a bit of humility to your paying customers. An apology and “it will not happen again” would be a good start. When you are Microsoft, you can afford to be this arrogant (and even they aren’t this bad).

Meer dan 24 uur off-line, en not so much as a sorry van de mannen van Userland.

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