Rating the Lesbians

Een zeer fijne pagina, met onder meer dit over de relatie Willow-Tara in Buffy:

Willow is the most romantically reprehensible character in modern television. She goes circa sixteen years without ever having a boyfriend. Then less than a year after finally finding someone who loves her and treats her with respect, she cheats on her Furry boyfriend with Xander, a guy who chooses to wait until he’s dating the hottest and most popular girl in school to finally swap saliva with the softer side of Sears. She’s forgiven, and decides that she’s with the love of her life. He skips town and she makes cry eyes for (I counted) twenty-six seconds before holding hands and vaginas with a girl she meets in a college Wicca club meeting. So, yeah, okay, whatever, I can accept that it’s not just a rebound thing or college experimentation and that Willow has learned to love somebody for who they are on the inside, and not because of what’s hanging or not hanging.

Then Tara gets shot. Willow goes OH BAYBEE NOOO BABYEE HO NO and sounds like Mr. Bill getting sliced up by a pizza cutter. Before Tara’s body hits the floor (and splashes into the drowning pool) Willow is taking photo booth pictures inside of Kennedy’s vertical Hellmouth. Then, when under the influence of a love spell, Willow demands that the object of her affection be turned into a girl. Because she loved Tara for her lack of dangling participles and not for her nouns and verbs. And then Spike shows up, and the show is ruined. Now sod off, I’m going to masturbate to Cordelia singing “Greatest Love of All.”