Yay! Singing Detective is één van die CD’s die jaren aan een stuk meer dan één keer per week gespeeld werden.

En voor wie zich afvraagt waar die brave mens precies op over yonder wil wanderen:

cay·use, n. Pacific Northwest. (kaI”ju;s) Also †kiyuse, †skyuse. [Said to be from the language of the Chinook Indians of Oregon.]

‘A common Indian pony’ (Scribner’s Mag. II. 510). Also, any horse (N. Amer. colloq.).

1841 T. J. Farnham Trav. Gt. West. Prairies 157 Skyuse horses never make such disagreeable mistakes. 1857 Oregon Weekly Times Jan. (Th.), All manner of wrought and cast work,+down to Shoeing a ‘Cultus’ Cayuse Horse. 1867 Territorial Enterprise (Virginia, Nev.) 31 Jan. 2/4 Jane+was mounted behind her lover and away, nor bated they the noble cayuse till many a league was passed. 1869 A. K. McClure Rocky Mts. 302 Twice our kiyuse broke nearly out of the harness.+ The kiyuse is never perfectly tamed. 1873 J. H. Beadle Undevel. West xxxv. 750, I mounted a cayuse and rode seven miles over the hills. 1882 Blackw. Mag. Dec. 768, I stopped to let the old cayuse rest. 1885 Century Mag. Nov. 33 As firm a seat+as any cowboy that ever put leg over a cayuse. 1948 Chicago Tribune 27 May ii. 2/6 Life atop a cayuse in the professional arenas+is no easier than one astride a bronco on the college rodeo field. 1962 Field, Horse & Rodeo (Calgary) Nov. 30/1 Well, chances are Mr. Dude, you’ve been getting a silent horse laugh yourself from your own trusty cayuse.

Leve de OED!

En mag ik zeggen dat mijn favoriete versie die van David Byrne is, met iets wat verdacht op de Gilles van Binche lijkt op slagwerk?

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