Satire is alive & well in the US of A

Fafblog is weer helemaal terug uit een klein dipje: joepie!

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Giblets liked how George Bush kept referrin to Vladimir Putin as “Vladimir.” It showed that just cause you’re a former KGB agent strangling a newborn democracy in its crib in order to create your own authoritarian regime doesn’t mean George Bush can’t sit down with you over a plate a ribs. [Fafblog]

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“Moose happen,” says Donald Rumsfeld. “There are moose, and we’ll hit ‘em. That’s the way it goes. We’ve lost two tires and the brakes. That’s life. I’m drunk, legally blind and have been charged with eight counts of vehicular manslaughter in the last three years. Gotta deal with it. Nothing’s perfect.”
“If you think about it the more moose get hit by us, the fewer moose there are to get hit by us!” says me.
“I like the way you think,” says Donald Rumsfeld. [Fafblog]

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FAFBLOG: But was the president naked tonight?
FUTURE MATTHEWS: Well that’s the beauty part! The president turned it right around and said “My opponent wants to attack my fine American clothes, but his are shabby and made in France.” He sticks to playing offense! It’s not “Why am I naked?” It’s “Why do you dress like crap?” You’ve gotta admire that! [Fafblog]

Dat en mijn dagelijkse afspraak met The Daily Show (merci Usenet!), genoeg om een mens recht te houden 🙂

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