12dailypro en Andrew Hillman zijn comment spammers

Kijk kijk. PhE3r the wrath of the SEO professionals.

12dailypro en Andrew Hillman zijn comment spammers, blijkbaar.

update: de link was ongeldig geworden. Internet Archive to the rescue.

Doe mee met de conversatie

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  1. Origin of the word libel

    from Latin libellus “little book”

    Libel and Slander

    “Libel”, “slander”, and “defamation” are commonly used as synonyms in ordinary language, at least in Britain and Ireland. However, those jurisdictions that distinguish “libel” and “slander” as legal concepts do so on the following broad basis: defamatory communication in writing is termed “libel” while one made via the spoken word is termed “slander”. However, because the underlying distinction is between permanent and transient communications, some jurisdictions regard all defamatory communications (even spoken statements) broadcast on radio or television as “libel”. Both acts share a common legal history, although they may be treated differently under some legal systems.

    edit: yeah yeah, I get the point. Just the link to Wikipedia’s Slander and Libel article would’ve been amply sufficient—michel

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