CPU Usage

Zucht. Ik krijg mijn CPU usage niet naar beneden, wat ik ook doe.

Dus maar ten einde raad een mailtje gestuurd naar de mannen van Dreamhost:

I’ve tried everything I can think of to reduce my CPU usage, but nothing seems to help.

https://blog.zog.org holds the WordPress blog responsible for probably 99% of traffic on my account.

I’ve disabled all plugins and reduced the number of queries used on the page as much as possible, but it still takes around 2.5 seconds of CPU time to build the home page and about 1.5 seconds for the other pages.

I can’t easily change PHP to not run as CGI since that turns out to break almost the entire website, so I can’t narrow CPU usage down to one particular PHP file, but as a test I’ve installed a fresh WordPress blog on [ander adres].

This blog runs as another user (not [de user die teveel CPU gebruikte] but [een andere user]), there aren’t any plugins installed, there is no content to the site, obviously no-one is visiting it, and still it takes anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds of CPU time.

Is there any chance at all that there is something going on with the server instead of with my sites?

Frustrerend, frustrerend.

En eens benieuwd wat het antwoord zal zijn.


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