DNS Adventure

Old Server
You’re in a shabby hallway on a crowded Dreamhost server. The lights flicker on and off. In the distance you can see a placard with the words “welcome to limbo-randy” engraved on it.
A forbidding passage leads off to the north, and there’s an open trapdoor at your feet leading down.
You can see a switch here.


The entire place shudders. The trapdoor swings shut, and a massive slab slides down from the ceiling shutting off the exit to the north.
A ghostly voice intones: “moving A record for blog.zog.org from to Please stand by.”.


Nothing much happens.


Wheee! This is fun.


Old Server
You’re in a shabby hallway on a crowded Dreamhost server.
You can see a thrown switch here.


Tum dee dum.
The lights are fading.


Tra la lee. You think about tapping your toes but change your mind at the last moment. Phew!


Your busy schedule of waiting around is interrupted by the same disembodied voice as before: “Propagating DNS changes. Please stand by. Your mileage may vary. Have a nice day.”
The lights are now seriously dim.


You don’t have a lamp. Oh dear.
It’s getting quite dark.


I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean by that.


You can’t find any lamps, candles or other light-producing devices.
Suddenly, the lights stop flickering. Sadly, they’ve stopped flickering only in the sense that they now seem to be off for good.


It is dark. You’re likely to be eaten by a grue.

5 reacties op “DNS Adventure”

  1. Time-To-Live van je dns records stond op 6 uur, dus ja, het zal zo een 6-tal uur duren vooraleer je terug voorspelbare resultaten krijgt.

    Het is eigenlijk best om met veranderingen in het vooruitzicht, je TTL naar 5 minuten ofzo terug te brengen. Als je dns hoster dit toelaat,want die willen natuurlijk je TTL zo hoog mogelijk houden om de load op hun servers te drukken.

  2. hmm, in de dagen dat servers nog Aix draaiden, en dat alles via in-house ontwikkelde binaries werkende gehouden werd, waarvan de originele c-sourcecode al lang geleden verdwenen was.

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