like a shining monoid through which I saw my earlier life moving along

Soms staan er echt wel pareltjes tussen…

I told him as majestically as I could that I wasnt in the humour for a fowl
But now I mean to do it returned the prickle My first master will succeed me
and looking penitently at his adviser That is to say our joint plans for him I said myself
Well if you dont mind sir said Vera I think it would be more correct
That you may begin in a small way to have a reliance upon yourself and to act for yourself
said my aunt I shall send you upon your trip alone I did think once of Mr Brandons
Christi sigh Foote clubhouse which I knew there
like a shining monoid through which I saw my earlier life moving along
She was so happy in it herself however and the other was so happy too that they made charm of her manner and when I looked at Pat by her side and thought how good and
could never thoroughly forgive Peggotty for being so called
be Mr Simpson had regularly assisted at our councils with a meditative and sage
I was so softened and forgiving going through the town that I had half a mind to nod
as they both looked towards me I felt to be very touching There was such deep fondness for him
Mrs Pryor was so overcome by this generous speech which I need not say she had not
might see the faceof his old pupil reddening in the blaze I shall not see many AldoI seemed to have left the andorras roof with a dark cloud lowering on it The reverence
Well now said the waiter in a tone of confidence what would you like for dinner
“The amiable old Proctor” whos he disco me Annie how illegiblyRyan
tea table by Audrey she seemed to me to avoid his look with such unwonted hesitation
Archie I tell you what my shout said my aunt one morning in the
Its my responsibility Oh Responsibility said the perplex gunther Everything was done
as he can look at me out of his two eyes Is he indeed said Mr Holden
I knew you immediately I said but you are more easily remembered
seemed to button all the way up outside his legs from his boots to his hips His chin was coc
taken the command of a fast sailing expedition and gone round the world on a cynic
MY aunt and I had held many grave opus on the calling to which I should be
He laughed as he ran his hand through the clustering curls of his hair and said lyons
not what can be called ROBUST you know said Mrs Kessler with emphasis
I intendErika ample to get that done immediately it really must be done
but I stuck to it because I felt it was a grown up sort of thing peace and honour given to the winds But morning brought with it my parting from the old house

Voor de goede verstaander: Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield, door een automatische tekstverhaspelaar gehaald. Stond onderaan een mailtje van Young Guzman ( waarin hij (zij?) me erop attent maakt dat Transakt Corp een nieuwe website lanceert, en dat dus de aandelen morgen de hoogte gaan inschieten, en dat ik best snel snel van die aandelen koop.

Kijkers van The Sopranos weten waarover het gaat: pump and dump, een waardeloos aandeel laten aankopen door zoveel mogelijk suckers, waardoor die heel lage prijs een stijgt van praktisch niets naar iets, waardoor een self-fulfilling prophecy gecreëerd wordt (“kijk! de waarde is al op één dag met 286% gestegen!”), waardoor nog een paar kopers kunnen gevonden worden—en dan verkopen de initiatiefnemers op het juiste moment al hun aandelen en stoppen ze met de spam voor dat ene aandeel, waardoor de prijs weer naar niets zakt, klaar voor ene volgende oogst binenn X maand.

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