New Admin Bar Design

Hey, als iedereen het doet, dan ik ook. Hierzo. Deze stond, samen met negen collega-posten, in zo ongeveer elke in mijn feedlezer. Miosschien is het de schuld van WordPress, misschien is het de schuld van Newsgator, ik weet het niet.

Today we launched a redesigned admin bar, the handy toolbar you see at the top of every blog when you’re logged in. We’ve retired the old flat blue look in favor of something that better matches the swanky new dashboard.

Here’s a before and after view:
Before and After

The new admin bar is designed to command less attention — the previous blue bar had a tendency to clash with some themes. With the new design, the admin bar should recede into the background — available when you need it, not too noticeable when you don’t.

DropdownWe’ve also included a few extra touches of style for users of the latest-generation browsers with the best CSS support.

Is there a feature of you’d like to see in the admin bar? Would you like the admin bar to be displayed in your dashboard? Leave a comment and let us know how we can make this feature more useful for you.