op 1 september 2009

  • Skip ahead and watch the last two minutes, where he segues from a dramatic recitation of “Sticks and Stones” into the lyrics of “Revolution” off the White Album, a GB whiskey-tango-foxtrot moment if ever there was one.
    (tags: wtf glennbeck)
  • Edward M. Kennedy was the genetic run-off of America's Royal Family; a boorish toad of a man with the scruples of a desperate crack addict and the brains of a dung beetle. Everything he stood for or achieved was bought for him, handed down from the crimes of greater men and far more accomplished cretins. He was a failure and a geek and caused so much family embarrassment he was repeatedly sent on beer runs during the famous shirtless Kennedy football games. He was booted from Harvard as a dumb ass jock and stumbled into the Senate in a cesspool's sludge of nepotism.

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