Links voor 24 mei 2011

Leona Anderson’s “Music To Suffer By”The record’s presentation reveals Leona’s high musical literacy and a sense of humor and class, elevating her mock-opera collection above mere parody. Rather too sophisticated for outsider music, Music To Suffer By is oddly enchanting largely because of Leona’s self-awareness. She knew she wasn’t capable of ever learning how to […]

Links van 23 mei 2011 tot 24 mei 2011

Acne science: What makes pimples so peculiar to people? – By Jesse Bering – Slate MagazineHumans are pimply. It's part of what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. While it's true that some form of acne vulgaris affects other species—it's been found in some Mexican hairless dogs and induced experimentally in […]

Links voor 22 mei 2011

Social Games vs Multiplayer Games: A Commentary on Raph Koster’s Social Mechanics PresentationI thought that since I’m not at GDC, it might be interesting to write a review-from-afar. I looked at the core of his ideas, many of which center around cooperative gameplay, then raised questions over whether they were appropriate to the social game […]

Doe eens een zaterdag

Zelie heeft vandaag een turnoptreden gedaan. Hoera! Ik vind het dus wel wijs dat Zelie dat allemaal doet, en Anna ook, maar: miljaarrrrrr ik kijk daar tegen op, die optredens. Enfin, niet de optredens zelf, maar wel de accomodatie: slechtzittende zweterige plastieken onderkanten van stoeltjes, op een betonnen trap, zonder rugleuning. Geen rugleuning, en optredens […]

Links voor 19 mei 2011

ASCII by Jason Scott / FaceFactsJust as viruses took the advantages of sharing information on floppies and modems and revealed a devastating undercarriage to the whole process, making every computer transaction suspect… and just as spyware/malware took advantage of beautiful advances in computer strength and horsepower to turn your beloved machine of expression into a […]