‘t Zijn niet allemaal racisten

Natuurlijk dat het niet allemaal racisten zijn. Er zitten gewoon, zoals overal, een redelijke stapel stommekloten tussen. (En in dit geval, een welhaast terminaal pijnlijk ongrappige stapel stommekloten, maar hey, zolang het geen Mickey Mouse-lookalike is, is het allemaal A-OK, vermoed ik.)

Via EI:

The popular Israeli web-based satirical show LatmaTV has released a musical video containing crude anti-Muslim stereotypes and mocking Europeans as “dummies” for supposedly allowing their countries to be taken over by Islam and turned into “Eurabia.”
In one sequence, a Norwegian father tells his blonde daughter about Muslims: “When they rape you don’t object for that is politically incorrect.”


LatmaTV is popular in Israel and is run by Jerusalem Post deputy editor Caroline Glick. She is an American who grew up in Chicago, settled in Palestine in 1991, and served five and a half years in the Israeli army.

LatmaTV, as Robert Mackey who edits The Lede blog at the The New Times reported last year, is a project of the neoconservative US-based “Center for Security Policy” (CSP) to which Glick is an advisor.

Man, man, man. Vlug, tegengif!

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