Links van 1 november 2014 tot 5 november 2014

The formula that explains why all hipsters look the same
Ever wondered why those who rail against conformity appear to favour the same types of clothes, trundle around on the same fixie bikes and all sup on the same rare Bolivian coffee beans from the same pop-up cafes in the same trendy neighbourhoods of their city?

Amsterdom Presents… 8 Mile and Abbey: Eminem Meets The Beatles |
8 Mile and Abbey: Eminem Meets The Beatles – Amsterdom

106 IDF Ex-Generals, Spy Chiefs Urge New Peace Bid – J.J. Goldberg –
In what appears to be the largest-ever joint protest by senior Israeli security personnel, a group of 106 retired generals, Mossad directors and national police commissioners has signed a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to “initiate a diplomatic process” based on a regional framework for peace with the Palestinians.

I Hope Twitter Goes Away – The Blagoblag
Lately I've been reflecting on why I hate Twitter so much.

Eleven countries studied, one inescapable conclusion – the drug laws don’t work | Society | The Guardian
Eight month study shows legalisation policies do not result in wider use, and the US should be watched with interest