Links voor 14 december 2014 | Vinyl Tap | Past Episodes
Two hours of music and stories from one of Canada's musical legends. Playing with The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive and as a solo act, Randy Bachman has provided a veritable soundtrack to the last thirty years of popular music. Now he's come to CBC Radio to play his favourite songs and tell stories from his life on the road and in the studio.

The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Chord | Kevin Houston
In 2004 a mathematician claimed to have discovered this musical holy grail by applying mathematics. Once and for all, the riddle was solved because, after all, mathematics is not wrong and you can’t beat the scientists with their fancy abstract toys. Except there was a problem. He got it horribly wrong. Here, for the honour of all mathematicians, I would like to put the record straight — or at least straighter. The mathematical tale of the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Chord is a tale of 18th century mathematicians, the study of heat, Karaoke tricks and a measure of luck.

Whisper it quietly, the book is back … and here’s the man leading the revival | Books | The Guardian
James Daunt is a bookseller with a penchant for stories (Anna Karenina is one of his favourites), who is also an inveterate risk taker. In 2011, he watched a Russian oligarch named Alexander Mamut make an insane bid for commercial suicide. And then he volunteered to join him. Mamut’s crazy venture (“Nobody invests in bookshops to make money,” says Daunt) was his bid for Waterstones, then an ailing chain, burdened with several million pounds of debt. Daunt’s reckless career move was to join Mamut as his CEO, a job widely seen as a poisoned chalice. Many Waterstones-watchers predicted various dire scenarios. Sometimes, however, stories have happy endings.

Procedural worlds, statistical analysis, image processing and PRNG exploitation for the lulz | Sam Hocevar
It was suggested on the #gnaa IRC channel that the movie Gayniggers from Outer Space (GNfOS), from which the organisation takes its name, be upvoted to the IMDb top 250 as an emotional tribute to this cult movie. The GNAA not being 4chan, they did not have an army of idiots to carry out their deeds; they had to use imagination, skill and technology instead.

Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network
Planning a front-end web application is about more than just picking a few JavaScript solutions to aid in the architecture and testing of a web application. While this might be where much of the front-end community focuses, seasoned developers know that building enterprise-grade software is much more than this. In this article, I am going to describe 16 steps that front-end developers should go through when planning a front-end web application. These steps aim to cover the entire life-cycle of a front-end application.

The Lurker: How A Virus Hid In Our Genome For Six Million Years – Phenomena
In the mid-2000s, David Markovitz, a scientist at the University of Michigan, and his colleagues took a look at the blood of people infected with HIV. Human immunodeficiency viruses kill their hosts by exhausting the immune system, allowing all sorts of pathogens to sweep into their host’s body. So it wasn’t a huge surprise for Markovitz and his colleagues to find other viruses in the blood of the HIV patients. What was surprising was where those other viruses had come from: from within the patients’ own DNA.

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