Links van 29 januari 2017 tot 31 januari 2017

Getting out of the cloud… – The Isoblog.
This is Lawyerspeak for GTFO. So if you are running your shit on US soil, or in a US companies cloud, you should have implemented a backup solution last Friday. Yes, that is your shit on Amazon, GCE or Azure or anything else that's not European.

Trial Balloon for a Coup? – Medium
Significant in today’s updates is any lack of suggestion that the courts’ authority played a role in the decision. That is to say, the administration is testing the extent to which the DHS (and other executive agencies) can act and ignore orders from the other branches of government. This is as serious as it can possibly get: all of the arguments about whether order X or Y is unconstitutional mean nothing if elements of the government are executing them and the courts are being ignored. Yesterday was the trial balloon for a coup d’état against the United States. It gave them useful information.

Secretary of Homeland Security found out about President Trump’s Muslim travel ban by watching TV | The Independent
He was getting his first briefing on the executive order when he discovered it was already being signed

Opinie: Als protesteren tegen Trumps beleid ‘hysterie’ wordt genoemd, dan is zwijgen instemmen | Standpunt | De Morgen
De premier van dit land is het “oneens” met de koers van Trump. Hoezo, oneens? Gaat hij een lezersbrief sturen naar Le Soir? De voorzitter van de Vlaamse liberalen vindt dat president Trump een “fout signaal” geeft. Hoezo, een fout signaal? Doe normaal, mevrouw Rutten, dit is illiberale xenofobie. (En alweer is het CD&V die als enige regeringspartij de logische reactie geeft, waarvoor respect) Want bijvoorbeeld de minister van Binnenlandse Zaken en staatssecretaris van Asiel & Migratie vinden het nuttig om niet eerst Trumps beleidsdaden te veroordelen, maar wel de "hysterie" van de protesten ertegen. Hoezo, hysterie? Als protesteren tegen dit beleid ‘hysterie’ wordt, dan is zwijgen instemmen.

Santorini — A Review – Medium
I highly recommend this game. There are so many fun decisions to be made and so much variability in the box between the god cards. Since the game plays so quickly, its easy to get it to the table for multiple plays in a row, and each play will feel different from the ones before. Santorini is easier to teach than any other game I’ve played before, but it is by no means the simplest to win. The decisions you make early in the game effect the late game in ways you won’t be aware of until the game is over.

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