Bellemont ho!

Bellemont’s “Down To The Harbour” is the first single of their debut album (a double one no less), released in Spring 2017. The single is a prime example of the concept of the album: each song will be released in both a “rough & pure – five musicians playing live in a vintage 1942 recording studio, every breath, crackle, and mistake left on tape”, as well as a “radio edit” version: the exact same recordings, but this time embellished, polished to a shine, and with extra instruments and vocals.

The theme of “Down To The Harbour” is deliberately ambiguous: “I’ll take you down to the harbour, and set you free”… freedom through closure? Is it a ritual? Or crime of passion after all? The truth will be in the ears of the beholder.

Bellemont staat op de playlist bij Radio 1. ’t Is het moment om ze te liken op Facebook.

(Niet alleen omdat het met fijne ex-collega Pieter is, maar vooral omdat het Wreed Schoon is.)

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