Links van 9 september 2018 tot 14 september 2018

Git pretty — justin hileman dot info
This chart is from the presentation Changing History, or How to Git Pretty. Check it out to learn how to use this IRL.

So…What Do I Make? (Dan Mall)
Oud maar goed: "Reports are in from Twitter, Medium, and the like; we can’t make full comps, use Photoshop, or even utter the phrase 'visual design' anymore. What’s a designer to do? Has our role evaporated? Fear not! Dan Mall will help redefine the tasks of the modern day designer in light of the multi -device world that snuck up on us."

Introducing GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code
Today, we are announcing the public preview of GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code, closing a gap in the workflow that we and millions of engineers experience every day: The ability to review source code where it was written – inside the editor.

Tidying One’s Room | Don’t Worry About the Vase
Waarheid. "It turns out, every item in my room is a sort of crystallized intention, generally past-me. (We’ve all heard the stories of researchers with messy rooms who somehow knew where everything was, and lost track of everything when someone else committed the violent act of reorganizing the room, thus deindexing it from its owner’s mind.) As I decided what to do with an item, I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose that information. So, I tried to Aumann with my past self – the true way, the way that filters back into deep models, so that I could pass my past self’s ideological turing test. And that’s cognitively expensive."

The Top 10 Martin Gardner Scientific American Articles – Scientific American Blog Network

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