Links van 5 oktober 2018 tot 8 oktober 2018

Why the world’s flight paths are such a messs
If you think flying from A to B is a matter of plotting the most direct path between two places, think again. Security and political issues determine flight paths, and ticket prices far more than considerations about an airline’s carbon footprint

What Makes ‘The Good Place’ So Good? – The New York Times
And yet the fact remains. “The Good Place” — the story of a group of recently deceased earthlings navigating the afterlife — is the best sitcom on TV.

Antwerpen krijgt drie nieuwe stelplaatsen, Gent wacht al 20 jaar | Gent | Regio | HLN
Voor de rest geen favoritisme of zo; "Gent moet dus 25 jaar wachten op een broodnodige stelplaats voor bussen en trams. Maar als het over Antwerpen gaat kan het voor De Lijn blijkbaar wel heel snel. Op 3 oktober 2018 besliste de Raad van Bestuur van De Lijn dat Antwerpen op korte termijn maar liefst 3 stelplaatsen krijgt."

The 25 Percent Rule
Whether it's 10 or 10,000 people, changing the behavior, beliefs or norms of an entire group is hard, but new research suggests that in order to do so, we actually only need to convince 25% to start a persuasive domino effect.

Microsoft now has the best device lineup in the industry – Charged
It took years to get here, but Microsoft has nailed it. By comparison, the competition is flailing around arguing about whether or not touchscreens have a place on laptops. The answer? Just let people choose.

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