Links van 8 januari 2019 tot 13 januari 2019

Download Original Bauhaus Books & Journals for Free: Gropius, Klee, Kandinsky, Moholy-Nagy & More | Open Culture
Fortunately for design nerds, typography mavens and architecture enthusiasts everywhere, the good folks over at Monoskop have posted online a whole set of beautifully designed publications from the storied school.

The European capital cobbled with Jewish gravestones – BBC News
Each year millions of visitors walk through the cobbled streets of Prague's Old Town – without realising, most likely, that many of the stones below their feet have been looted from what was meant to be sacred ground. The BBC's Rob Cameron only recently learned their secret.

Designing the Flexbox Inspector – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
The UX challenges of this tool have been both frustrating and a lot of fun for our team. Built on the basic concepts of the CSS Grid Inspector, we sought to expand on the possibilities of what a design tool could be.

What Europeans Talk about when They Talk about Brexit · LRB 3 January 2019
I was in Brussels recently, taking my son to watch Anderlecht play, when I heard some English people in a café asking the waiter why no one liked the English. They were nice people asking a genuine question, but often it’s the wrong people who ask the right questions. The waiter replied, politely and in perfect English: ‘We can read your newspapers and watch your television; we hear what your politicians and your journalists say about us.’ That summed it up: all this time we Brits thought we were talking to ourselves, and we were, but everyone else was listening in. Belgians are not surprised by Brexit: it’s just the coagulation as policy of what’s been flowing as attitude for decades.

Criticasters van islam zwijgen nu opeens – NRC
Uit de hoek van Thierry Baudet en Geert Wilders blijft het verdacht stil, schrijft Tristan Ober over de Nashville-verklaring.