Links van 28 januari tot 4 februari

  • Infowars’ Alex Jones Says He Lives ‘in Hell,’ Texts Show | Southern Poverty Law Center
    Dit is tegelijkertijd zo ontluisterend en zo ongelooflijk zielig — Alex Jones described himself as living “in hell,” being part of “a sick joke,” and sinking down into a “black hole” in previously private text messages given to Hatewatch.
  • Are You Sure You’re Not a Bad Boss?
    When we analyzed the behavior of 30,000 managers, as seen through the eyes of some 300,000 of their peers, direct reports, and bosses on 360-degree evaluations, we found that the sins of the bad boss are far more often those of omission, not commission. That is, bad bosses are defined not so much by any appalling things they do as by certain critical things they don’t do.
  • Some insects I found inside dried Turkish figs from Trader Joe’s
    En nu denk ik dat ik geen goesting meer heb om ooit nog vijgen te eten.
  • Triple-Screen Laptop DONE RIGHT!
    Ik wil er een!
  • Mamluk Prosopography
    ‘t Ziet er zo op het eerste gezicht niet indrukwekkend uit, maar het is het wel: contains biographical and historical information about and source references for c. 4,000 individuals and social groups, especially from the early to mid-9th/15th century. It also contains information about and source references for c. 1,000 positions and functions that made up the Cairo Sultanate’s administrative, military and courtly apparatus.
  • The Cult of Saints | Konon, gardener and martyr of Magydos of Pamphylia
    Eindeloos fascineren, wat een mens vindt als hij hier en daar eens een artikel leest met zijn werkaccount.
  • Why is Java So Weird? – by Tomas Pueyo
    Java has a larger population than Russia. And this is not just a story of “there are plenty of people in Asia”. Java has a bigger population than Japan! Even by Asian standards, Java is just extremely densely populated.
  • Ghost B.C – Year Zero (Uncensored)
  • MusicLM
    MusicLM was trained on a dataset of 280,000 hours of music to learn to generate coherent songs for descriptions of — as the creators put it — “significant complexity” (e.g. “enchanting jazz song with a memorable saxophone solo and a solo singer” or “Berlin ’90s techno with a low bass and strong kick.” Its songs, remarkably, sound something like a human artist might compose, albeit not necessarily as inventive or musically cohesive.

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  1. Some insects…. Een zakje vijgen kopen en je kan comfortabel aan de keukentafel fotograferen. Hoef je je niet meer in bochten te wringen in je tuintje!

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