Fijne observaties

Ik was op bezoek bij de mensen van TechTransfer om te zien hoe ze met hun huidige software werken.

Ik heb ze hun scherm laten delen en dat opgenomen met Teams: een groot gemak.

Ook een gemak dat hij automatische transcriptie doet van de meeting.

Minder een gemak als hij denkt dat we Engels spreken terwijl we eigenlijk Nederlands spreken:

I think that it’s funny.

Back at your mother, you have.


Can you see that and said, OK, yeah, I’m crazy.

Come on.

Are you sick?

Reekmans harm the woman?

Two clicked alright, but I yeah munching.

So he said the mother.

We’ll talk this. No deal.

Ah, Bush and scheduling service.

Yeah, my man, look so ugly.

You see something?

There’s there’s.

Thank you.

And then the first thing you need next year, well, OK, fine, fine.

And teen.

But I do is I can import OK, we will come soon.

Alternatively, we E well, so that’s the funny this.

So you don’t want to see my sister?

It’s the same thing because.

At a distal name that you have, my dear.

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And also we did this the online carcani automatically now still you have two orders either cannot track it does that is there recording the mother has it the Hans UK told the saccades.


There were ones of sequel and the result, some skins and notes.

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You need to.

Well, that’s great because, yeah, this mother comes door like any Firefox sets and they and no one was about what you order the explore.