Hilarity ensues

Kom het tegen:

my boss has been going off on this whole work ideals thing. something about giving each other our honesty, respect, and passion. then i notice something. it was just a “i wanna feel good thing”. if he actually respected us MAYBE just MAYBE instead of replacing the perfectly good working desk he had with a brand new desk we might have gotten some chairs that arn’t steal step stools. there’s some respect for ya. kind of like the respect that we got in december where they shorted us all a pay check on advice from the accountant. so that they have the time to get payroll done as apposed to the work week ending and checks come out the next day. needless to say we still find ourselvs waiting for our checks.

maybe i should start being honest with my higher ups. tell them with a flaming passion that i think they honestly don’t respect us and that they are inept idiots at half the crap they try to do.

i’d only be fooling myself. i should know that after 3 years they really don’t care. it’s all lipservice. [Savage Squirrel

Ongetwijfeld voelen veel mensen zich ooit wel eens zo op hun werk, maar om dat nu meteen op een weblog te gaan posten… 🙂

Ook fijn: ooit moet daar iemand gewerkt hebben die zijn werk blijkbaar niet goed deed, en die wordt met naam en toenaam zwart gemaakt. Grappig:

his name was stimpy and this guy is a blithering moron who i’m STILL cleaning up after. you would think that he would have explained to people that when he went on a service call how billing went. this would make GREAT sense. well we’re coming to find out why some of our clients like him so much. he never billed them, or didn’t bill them properly. it was always warrenty. i’m sorry, but i cannot for the life of me see how me fixing your busted email would cause your internet to stop the next day. it just does not make sense.

…en dat gaat dan verder op de website van die “stimpy” (eigenlijk ene David):

Ok i used to work at a place called Ibsuol. And first off i left them in kind of a hastey way but i dont really care about that. What gets me is how they screwed me over. Now let me lay this on you. I would work over 40 hours a week and get comp time for any hours i worked over 40. Which i might add is illegal in Nebraska where this company is based. Alos i was forced to pay for repair on a service van that i rolled on accident mind you. Now this also is against several employer regualations. So while i hear about people bitching and moaning that i left a mess for them to clean up well tough shit that company screwed me over more than you could ever know and forced me away form several people who used to be my friends until i started working ther.

… verder, en verder:

Since the gloves are off, not only are we cleaning up your mess that you left, and let me tell you, that’s just fun, we had to constantly clean up your mess when you was there. 4 hour service calls that any of the real techs could have done in 30 mins?

ROLLING the van? i mean… jesus i’ve been in worse siturations with bigger vehicals and had no problem. Never mind the fact that you did put the van in a ditch once before, and letalone your fucking car in the ditch 3 times in one weekend..


So, lay the fuck off, grow up, get over it, we are better without you. Hell everyone makes more now that we don’t have to pay for you.

…en dan helemaal ad hominem:

more on the man named stimpy

salary, it’s a killer dude. oh and now that i’m sure you read this i would highly HIGHLY very very much recommend that you change your passwords. using one of two passwords for 3 different accounts is poor form.

also it might be a good idea to go get a check up. you shacked up with the town bicycle and let her and her boy toy of the month live at yer place. we all told you she was trouble. but we watched you slip, and slide down that horrid road. i seem to remember so many times, so many fits thrown, the slightest inkling of you might have to stay late. so many times i remember the mondays “i’m sick” and hearing how the night b4 you were fine at the bar, ulcers that are made worse by drinking can be hell. but saying your sick just nets you an extra day off cuz i don’t want to get sick from someone. eh, ohwell life goes on. much like the bs of everyday crap.

college, eh spare me. anyone that can’t motivate through a A+ exam probably can’t hang college.

Ah, the humanity. Werk is werk is werk is werk. En vrienden en alles da’s daarbuiten. En dat is een probleem waar ik mij ook meer dan één keer aan verbrand heb. Nooit ofte nimmer meer.

Nu, in het geval hierboven was het probleem ook nog eens erger gemaakt door het feit dat er ook nog een vrouw tussen zat—nog een geluk dat ik daar nooit problemen mee gehad heb.