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Uit de release notes van de recentste WoW-patch:


  • Due to significant talent changes, all Paladins’ talent points will be refunded and can be respent. Training costs for all talent spell/ability replacements have been significantly reduced.
  • Paladins can now learn Greater Blessings for the following spells:
    • Blessing of Might
    • Blessing of Wisdom
    • Blessing of Kings
    • Blessing of Sanctuary
    • Blessing of Salvation

    Greater Blessings will cast the associated blessing on all raid members that share the same class as the target. For example, if you cast Greater Blessing of Might on a warrior in your raid, all warriors in the raid party will receive Blessing of Might from you. Additionally, Greater Blessings have an increased duration of 15 minutes. These blessings require twice as much mana as the single target version, as well as a reagent. Paladins can purchase these new Greater Blessing spells from their class trainers.

  • Seals and Judgements – Added or increased damage per level so that these spells keep pace between replacements.
  • Judgements – Judgements that place a debuff on their victim will now all have their duration refreshed when the judging paladin strikes the victim with his or her melee swings. All these debuffs have had their duration decreased to 10 seconds. In addition, Judgements that place debuffs can no longer be resisted.
  • Seal of Righteousness – Now does holy damage on every swing. It can now proc correctly as well. The Judgement effect has been renamed “Judgement of Righteousness” to differentiate it from the Seal damage in the combat log.
  • Judgement of the Crusader – The holy damage bonus has been decreased as part of rebalancing paladin damage (which is still increased overall).
  • Seal of Command – The proc will occur more often, but will only do 70% of weapon-swing damage.
  • Judgement of Command – Instead of placing a debuff on the victim, this spell now does immediate damage. If the victim is not stunned, they only take 50% of the total damage. The damage on this Judgement was increased significantly.
  • Judgement of Wisdom – Arcane Shot will no longer cause this to proc twice on one shot. Channeling spells can now trigger this proc as well.
  • Vengeance – Special ability critical hits can now trigger Vengeance.
  • Judgement of Righteousness – The damage of this judgement was increased significantly. This judgement can now trigger procs. The bonus from spell damage items has been increased slightly.
  • Holy Shock – Now heals friendly targets and damages enemy targets. Mana cost reduced. Bonus from spell damage and healing items increased.
  • All Seals and Judgements have had their bonus coefficient from plus spell damage re-evaluated. Some holy damage effects had no coefficient before and now have a coefficient.
  • Vengeance – Clarified the tooltip to indicate procs will not trigger Vengeance.
  • Summon Warhorse – Mana cost reduced.
  • Summon Charger – Mana cost reduced.
  • Consecration – No longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect.
  • Updated Aura tooltips to be more clear (include radius, fix grammatical errors etc…).
  • Judgement – Range increased, cooldown decreased, mana cost decreased. Using Judgement will now initiate melee combat.
  • Exorcism – Now usable on Demon targets in addition to Undead targets.
  • Holy Wrath – Now usable on Demon targets in addition to Undead targets.
  • Seal of Justice – Mana cost slightly increased. The stun effect’s duration no longer diminishes or is diminished by controlled stun abilities and spells (e.g. Cheap Shot, Hammer of Justice, Charge etc…).
  • Seal of Righteousness – The damage bonus from +Holy damage has been reevaluated on this seal. Since the damage is delivered on every swing, the bonus has been reduced. However, paladins attacking with faster weapons should see an overall increase in the bonus from + spell damage gear. Mana Cost slightly increased.
  • Seal of Command – Damage bonus from +Holy damage items slightly increased.
  • Seal of the Crusader – Mana cost slightly increased.
  • Seal of Fury – The seal and judgement have been removed and replaced with a new self-buff, Righteous Fury, which will increase threat from holy damage.
  • Seal of Light – Mana cost slightly increased.
  • Seal of Wisdom – Mana cost slightly increased.
  • Seal of Command – Mana cost slightly increased.
  • Hammer of Wrath – Missile speed of the flying hammer increased.
  • Divine Protection, Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection – Targets of these spells will now receive the “Forbearance” effect, preventing another of these three spells from being applied to that target for one minute.
  • New Spell: Righteous Fury (level 16) – Increases the threat generated by the Paladin’s Holy attacks by 60%. Lasts 30 minutes.
  • Blessing of Sanctuary – Now causes Holy damage to the attacker when the blessed target blocks an attack in addition to the current effect.
  • Hammer of Justice – Is now a Protection spell.
  • Repentance – Is now considered an Incapacitate effect.
  • Blessing of Wisdom – Mana regeneration over time will no longer generate threat.
  • Purify – Mana cost now based on a percentage of base mana.
  • Cleanse – Mana cost now based on a percentage of base mana.

Goeie help. Ik denk dat ik hier nog lang en hard ga moeten over nadenken voor ik eruit ben wat dit allemaal betekent.


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