Wat heb ik gezegd?

Zonet rolde deze binnen:

Hello Michel,
Thank you for your email.
Upon receipt of your response, we have thoroughly reviewed your account
and have confirmed that it is related to an account previously disabled
for invalid click activity. We have certain policies in place to help
ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as our
advertisers. For this reason, we are unable to reinstate you into the
Please note that due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we cannot
disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what
specifics we found on your account.
Please also bear in mind that subsequent or duplicate emails regarding
this issue may not be considered and you may not receive any further
communication from us. We appreciate your understanding.
The Google AdSense Team

Nog beter eigenlijk: alle antwoorden in één keer.

Dan maar een variatie op mijn standaardantwoord verstuurd:

Dear Google AdSense Team,

Thank you for your email.

Please note that I did not ask to be reinstated into the programme, but that I asked whether a reinstatement would ever be possible, and if so what the conditions would be.

Best regards,

Michel Vuijlsteke

Natuurlijk hebben ze in zoveel woorden gezegd dat ze niet meer gaan antwoorden, dus is de kous wat hen betreft af. Maar goed, een mens kan maar proberen.

De arbitraire klootzakken.

Doe mee met de conversatie

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