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Our research – Microsoft ResearchPublications. Yum. Full Screen Takedown NoticeBOO! HISS! " has been found in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and on Friday, November 1st was taken down by an official DMCA complaint from Nintendo. The website allowed players to play an open source HTML5 remake of Nintendo’s 1985 Super Mario […]

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/dev/null as a ServiceWe support BigData! Amazon Analytics Service (beta)AND SO IT BEGINS. "Introducing a simple, cross–platform mobile analytics reporting service for your app or game" Thermosaurus radiatorThermosaurus is a heat exchanger with a Tyrannosaurus as a backbone. The item is highly efficient and energy-savvy, thanks to its complex structure that includes a skull, spine, ribs, legs, and tail bones. Zynga’s darkest moments […]

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disney princesses with dope beardsWhat it says on the tin: Disney princesses with dope beards (118) Marc Bodnick’s answer to Facebook-Instagram Acquisition (April 2012): In light of the exuberant tech market that has emerged in 2013, did Instagram sell too early? – QuoraWelcome to the land of ridiculous hyperbole: "Facebook's aggressive strategy to acquire Instagram […]

Fazanten zijn lastige beesten

Vanavond fazanten gekuist voor zestien man. Serieus: zó een ambetante beesten dat dat zijn.  Om te beginnen: blijkbaar is de regel in België dat ze niet meer tam mogen gehouden worden en dan geslacht. Neen, ze moeten wild rondlopen en dan afgeschoten worden.  Leutig: die beesten zitten dus vol hagel. Als ze in de borstkas geschoten […]

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www.gootechnologies.comWhether you're a designer who likes creative freedom, or a hardcore coder pushing the limits of the web, Goo gives you the tools to create amazing web visuals in your own way and without limitations. Goo Create and Goo Engine are specially designed to make your creation process as simple and smooth as possible without […]


Ik heb de laatste tijd redelijk wat gelezen. Ook redelijk wat niet uitgelezen, wegens allerlei redenen maar voor wegens meh. Noch warm noch koud van worden.  Gisteren begonnen aan The Way of Kings, van de onvolprezen Brandon Sanderson. Ik zit nog niet aan de helft, maar ik vond het al hoera, zo wijs van boek.  En […]

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Out of the picture: why the world’s best photo startup is going out of business | The VergeBut as time ran out, hopes diminished. "It succeeded in every possible way," said Jason Eberle, who built the web version of Everpix, "except for the only way that matters." Offices For All! Why Open-Office Layouts Are Bad […]

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Am I Going Insane? Snapchat is Intrinsically Worthless – Roy MurdockSnapchat’s latest valuation puts it at $4 billion dollars Media for Thinking the Unthinkable on VimeoPresented at the MIT Media Lab on April 4, 2013. Gmail, Mavericks, and apparently suck together – Marco.orgIt’s pretty bad that Apple didn’t catch this in beta testing — […]