Links van 27 maart 2019 tot 29 maart 2019

The Day the Dinosaurs Died | The New Yorker
“We have the whole KT event preserved in these sediments,” DePalma said. “With this deposit, we can chart what happened the day the Cretaceous died.” No paleontological site remotely like it had ever been found, and, if DePalma’s hypothesis proves correct, the scientific value of the site will be immense. When Walter Alvarez visited the dig last summer, he was astounded. “It is truly a magnificent site,” he wrote to me, adding that it’s “surely one of the best sites ever found for telling just what happened on the day of the impact.”

There’s no goodbye in the endless texting conversation.
I thought about the last time I’d actually typed ttfn. I imagine it was at least 18 years ago, on my family’s Gateway desktop during the era of dial-up AOL. And then I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I said “g2g,” or even “bye,” in an online conversation. I asked some friends in a group chat if they ever say goodbye when chatting digitally. “They never really have a beginning. Do they also not have an end?” said my friend Dan. Another friend, Mitch, chimed in with a diagnosis: “It’s because we never go offline anymore.”

Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few – The Economist
At The Economist, we take data visualisation seriously. Every week we publish around 40 charts across print, the website and our apps. With every single one, we try our best to visualise the numbers accurately and in a way that best supports the story. But sometimes we get it wrong. We can do better in future if we learn from our mistakes — and other people may be able to learn from them, too.

Brexit: Jeder gegen jeden und alle gegen alles | ZEIT ONLINE
Die meisten Serien verflachen nach der zweiten oder dritten Staffel, beim Brexit ist es anders. Je länger die Serie dauert, desto toller wird der Plot. Am Mittwochabend lief die bislang tollste Folge: Erst stellt die ungeliebte Premierministerin ihren Rücktritt in Aussicht, daraufhin lenken einige ihrer schärfsten Rivalen ein. Die Abgeordneten reißen die Initiative an sich, es sieht so aus, als würde das Blatt sich wenden. Doch am Ende einigen sich die Abgeordneten wieder einmal – auf nichts. Tumult bricht aus, der Abspann läuft. "Order", ruft John Bercow. Bitte bleiben Sie dran! Gleich geht es weiter.

Why Calvin and Hobbes is Great Literature | Literary Hub
Calvin and Hobbes feels so inventive because it is: the strips take us to new planets, to parodies of film noir, to the Cretaceous period, to encounters with aliens in American suburbs and bicycles coming to life and reality itself being revised into Cubist art. Calvin and Hobbes ponder whether or not life and art have any meaning—often while careening off the edge of a cliff on a wagon or sled. At times, the strip simply abandons panels or dialogue altogether, using black and white space and wordless narrative in fascinating ways.