Fark cracks me up: im gonna have to go with quick1 on that. Aria is the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen…but when you see her fisting herself like a plumber looking for loose change in a drain, its just…tragic. Fisting to me is normally a disgusting unwatchable act…but when Aria does it (while coyly […]


Huhu: * THICK DEFINED: because you people are wrong!!!! * Do you like GHETTO BOOTY or LARD ASSES! * Round, like ASS is supposed to be * The problem with HIP HUGGERS * Wrong choice of clothing * INSTA-ASS panties: Steps to TRANSFORM your soggy/sloppy/long/tiny ass into a FOTO PERFECT ASS! * White girls trying […]

Contract-law analysis of Sauron’s offer to the Dwarves

There’s geeks, there’s Tolkien geeks, and then there’s lawyer Tolkien geeks. A Michigan law student has deconstructed Sauron’s offer to the Dwarves in Fellowship of the Ring, with reference to contract law: But then we get to the last statement. “Refuse, and things will not seem so well.” There are (at least) two ways I […]