Links van 12 april 2012 tot 18 april 2012

Marokkaans/Arabisch koken met Amber – Weblog – WeblogOverheerlijke Marokkaanse en andere Arabische gerechten met daarnaast lekkere recepten uit verschillende keukens Style in The Wire on VimeoThis video essay explores the style in the television series The Wire. Potions And Pitfalls: My Year In Roguelikes | Rock, Paper, ShotgunIt’s been a fantastic year for Roguelikes, […]

Links van 14 januari 2012 tot 18 januari 2012

cliff richard dying insideAs with a lot of pictures of Cliff, at first glance he looks happy. But if you look closely, if you really search his eyes for signs of life, you soon realise that he is dying on the inside. [Updated] The rise and fall of personal computing | asymcoNote the log scale. […]

Tussen spel en literatuur. Over interactieve fictie

Ik was dertien en verkende samen met mijn oom een grottensysteem in Kentucky. We kropen door een claustrofobisch enge tunnel vol keien en een nauwe canyon tot in een kamer van wel tien meter hoog met wanden van bevroren oranje en rood. Ik was veertien en mijn huis werd vernietigd. Ik was vijftien en dacht […]

Links van 23 december 2011 tot 26 december 2011

Ready, Set, Render! Part2In the previous "Ready, Set, Render!" thread, I demonstrated the use of BPR when rendering a 'hard-surface' model. This time, I opted to demonstrate the use of Z4R2b BPR for rendering an organic surface, in particular, a skin surface. For this test, I used an excellent head sculpt created by ZBrush artist […]

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Arcade Improv: Humans Pretending to Be Videogames – Waxy.orgInstantly, Mike and Jerry understood, along with everyone in the audience born before 1978. Catherine Young & Family, Page OneA family working in the Tifton (Ga.) Cotton Mill. Mrs. A.J. Young works in mill and at home. Nell (oldest girl) alternates in mill with mother. Mammy (next […]

Diablo III beta invitation!

Ja, absoluut niet verdacht hoor gasten: From: “diablo3” <…> To: “hepsimanyax pelin” <…> Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 16:51:58 +0800 Subject: Diablo III beta test invitation! Greetings from Blizzard Entertainment! We’re gearing up for the forthcoming launch of Diablo III and would like to extend you an invitation to participate in the beta test. If […]

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Even if you have the slightest interest in Star Wars…holy shitthe old republic! Asciiflowretro! Duke Nukem Forever: barely playable, not funny, rampantly offensiveThe fans are wrong. One can laugh at jokes about men and women, and there's nothing wrong with being risque, but Duke is thoughtless, backwards, and belligerent. Duke Nukem Forever is the kind […]

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Omnes Viae: Itinerarium RomanumA route planner with all main roads and cities of the Roman Empire. Based on an ancient Roman map of which a copy survived that is now known as the 'Tabula Peutingeriana'. On Fallout: We had a time travel [setting] with dinosaurs for a whileMatt Barton's Matt Chat started as a series […]

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Social Games vs Multiplayer Games: A Commentary on Raph Koster’s Social Mechanics PresentationI thought that since I’m not at GDC, it might be interesting to write a review-from-afar. I looked at the core of his ideas, many of which center around cooperative gameplay, then raised questions over whether they were appropriate to the social game […]

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YouTube – Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes GagaAn exclusive Google interview with Lady Gaga! GDC VaultClassic game postmortems. Out of this World, Maniac Mansion, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Prince of Persia, Populous, Pitfall!, Pac-Man, Marble Madness, Elite, Doom, and Bejeweled Dresden Codak » Archive » HobThis is the first page of a story. Bear with me, […]