Couch potato

Nog een geluk dat ik juist gedaan had met eten:

40-year-old Gail Grinds was literally stuck to her couch and had to be removed surgically at the hospital. Authorities estimate she had been on the couch anywhere from two to five years.

Meer details (voor sterke magen) alhier.

update: oooo! goody! nog meer details:

Inside the home, the floor and walls were matted with feces, and trash was strewn across the floors, some which were bare concrete.

..en dit vind ik eigenlijk nog angstwekkender:

Court records show Gayle Grinds cared for a young niece and nephew after the death of her sister in 1992. Those children are now 19 and 15, but their whereabouts were unclear Wednesday.

Have they checked the couch?

Doe mee met de conversatie

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