Obituary: Terry Pratchett: Of gods and men | The Economist
The Economist: wreed, wreed schoon gedaan.

Comic Papyrus Font – FINALLY! ~ Sans Serif Fonts on Creative Market
Presenting Comic Papyrus. You heard right — COMIC FREAKIN' PAPYRUS! Your two most favoritest fonts ever have FINALLY been smooshed together typographically, just as Darwin intended. Cross-bred. Cross-awesomified.

Pourquoi la techno c’est devenu de la merde et que maintenant ça n’intéresse que les enculés – Je t’encule Thérèse
La techno est morte, écoute du rock d’il y a 20 ans et de la musique plus sympa, change ton style de merde et va te faire enculer.

The Art of the Diva Quit | Wikipediocracy
The danger always exists that one’s allies may drift away and be less than fully attentive to one’s needs; after all, they have their own POVs to push. It is important to find ways to consolidate their support so that it is there when you need it most. These alliances will undergo stresses and trials, and should you come under major attack, such as with an Arbitration Committee case, some may jump ship in order to save their own skins. If things are not going your way under exigent circumstances, you may wish to consider the option of a Diva Quit.

BBC News – The men who uncovered Assyria
There are hundreds of ancient sites now in the hands of IS. But beneath the rubble of Nebi Yunus is a stretch of ground untouched by archaeologists – ground that holds the palace of the Assyrian King Esarhaddon, and that might might contain some of the great artistic or literary treasures of the ancient world. In all likelihood, we'll never know.

De rechtse show | Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten)
Auwtsj. "De socialisten hebben alles opgegeven wat ze hadden als verhaal: hun geschiedenis, hun traditie, hun cultuur, hun kritiek en hun analyse. Ze hebben dat allemaal ingeruild voor de troep die hen door reclamemakers wordt aangenaaid. Ze zijn dan ook al lang geen ‘socialisten’ meer, ze noemen zich ‘progressief’ – net als Verhofstadt dat deed, en, geloof het maar, bij gelegenheid zelfs Filip Dewinter. ‘Progressief’ staat hier dan gewoon voor ‘iets anders willen’ of – getuige de slogan “Ja” – gewoon voortdoen zoals gisteren, lekker progressief."